Chassidim Join Belzer Rebbe In Largest Chasuna Ever Held By The Chassidus [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


Tens of thousands of Belzer chassidim from Israel and abroad joined the Belzer Rebbe in Jerusalem on Tuesday evening in the largest chasunah ever held by the chassidus.

The chasan is the eighth grandchild of the Belzer Rebbe, the son of his only son, HaRav Aharon Mordechai Rokeach, and the kallah is the daughter of HaRav Aharon Brif, Rosh Kollel Gerrer in Ashdod. She is also the granddaughter of HaRav Chaim Dovid Shubacks, a dayan and moreh tzedek and member of the Machzikei HaDas Badatz.

The chuppah was held at 7:30 p.m. outside the large Beis Medrash in Kiryat Belz. Afterward, the family members and guests were transported to the Arena stadium in the Malcha neighborhood of southern Jerusalem, where the seudah and dancing are being held.

The chasunah is one of two huge chasunos that began in the Romema area of Jerusalem on Tuesday, with the Gerrer Rebbe also holding a massive chasunah for his grandchild.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. They did, the meal was family only, if you divide the total cost by the amount of people it’s a few dollars per couple.
    The benefits and chizuk to a thirsty tzibur makes the expense well worth it
    Finally on a strictly economics perspective these events bring in far more than they cost similar to adirei torah

  2. @gadolhadorah why didnt it bother that their building is so expensive? This is their mesorah!!! their dynesty!!! lets eccept all yidden!!!

  3. Bless this moment. Makes my soul feel safe in a nutty world. If one does this for a grandchild imagine what this group does for HASHEM

  4. I guess because I’m not a chosid(a), I don’t get the point in being by a wedding where the size of the crowd keeps me a mile away from the chupah. I also find it interesting that there wasn’t a kallah at this wedding. Did they use a shliach?

  5. I find it interesting that no-one here felt the need to comment on the other Rebbe’s wedding which looked to be just as massive.

    Chaya13, do you really think there wasn’t a kallah by the wedding, I find your naivety interesting. your really arn’t a Chosid(a), hence you don’t understand the value of partaking in a wedding, especially one that a Rebbe attends.

    History Buff, if you are not aware the Rebbe was zoche to only ONE child, therefore all grandkids are just as special as his own.

  6. Chaya 13: So you don’t get a chassanah where you stand a mile away from the chuppah with a live choson and the rabbonim who are mesader kiddushin with a virtual kalah? What is it you don’t get??

  7. Check the drone footage at this post

    You can clearly see the kallah entering the chuppah with her mother and even going around the chasan. You can even see the little girls in their gowns there. I’m sure everyone wants to see the kallah but does she want everyone to see her on pics everywhere? Makes sense to me they wouldn’t plaster it everywhere