PUNISHED FOR STICKING UP FOR CHAREIDIM: Chetboun Ousted from Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee


photos2The punishment against Bayit Yehudi MK Yoni Chetboun came fast and hard for his defiance of coalition discipline and daring to vote against the new draft law.

Party leader Minister Naftali Bennett removed Chetboun from the prestigious Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee and he will be banned from introducing any private bill to Knesset during the first six weeks of the summer session. He will however continue serving as a deputy speaker since that appointment is made by a Knesset committee and not the party.

Chetboun defied coalition discipline by announcing he cannot support the new draft law for he views it as being anti-Torah. He was true to his word as the bill passed in a 67 to 1 vote, with his being the only vote opposed to the new law.

Click HERE to watch a video oh Chetboun deliver his speech.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. He’s young and in a good position to rebuild the former pro-settlement religious movement. I suspect many in the Dati Leumi camp are not pleased with Bennett’s support for a war on yeshivos, and with Bennett’s effort to end the former alliance with the hareidi parties and to push them to seek allies elsewhere (and at this point, any party willing to agree to end conscription or allow hareidim to refuse to serve, and to respect hareidi autonomy, would in effect get a blank check from the hareidim, i.e. support on other issues such as closing down settlements, public spending, etc.).

  2. But Olom haBo shall be “Nahafoch Hu” from the current scenario, when Mr. Chetboun will basking in Gan Eden watching the other 67 miscreants getting their just punishments.

  3. Chareidi-hatred is a core value and party platform of Bayit Yehudi. And any party member or party MK that dare deviate from this vital hatred is severely punished.

  4. this is politics. if you betray the party then the party excommunicates you
    regardless of the reasons for the betrayal it was betrayal and now he got what was coming.
    obviously he has his principles and he thought it was worth it

  5. Zionists must stop trying to convince the world almost on a daily basis that it’s Jewish and democratic state because it’s neither. Forcing Arabs and the goyim in the world to recognize them as Jewish will not make it Jewish. Although Eretz Yisrael is meant for Jews, sadly the Zionists are more anti-Torah and more immoral than many countries in the world in order to prove themselves to the goyim that they’re just like them. Haven’t they learned anything from the Holocaust that goyim hate Jews mimicking them? They finally have a state they can call their own and yet they cannot rid themselves of their galut mentality. Then they wonder why they’re being boycotted from so many countries.

    And democracy? What a joke. There’s only “democracy” for secular who agree with them. Threatening those voting against the law is clearly anti-democratic. Whom are they trying to fool? What kind of vote is that in any case? Voting and threatening do not go together. So much for Israel’s democracy. What a joke!