Secular TV Host: “If You’re So Afraid Of Tefillin, The Problem Is You”

Shai Goldstein/Facebook

Israeli media personality Guy Lerer commented on the recent provocations against the tefillin stands operated by Chabadnikim in cities throughout the country.

“Liberal brothers, why does it bother you so much that Chabadnikim are standing and asking people to put on tefillin? Aren’t there more important things? There are more important things!”

“If you’re so afraid that your child will be affected from one time that he puts on tefillin, and it will turn around and change his life, the problem is not with the Chabadnikim –  the problem is with you and the confidence you have in the education you gave your child.”

Another secular personality, actor and radio host Shai Goldstein, also slammed the anti-Chabad hype as well as the incitement against Chareidim in general.

Goldstein posted a photo of himself putting on tefillin, writing: “You don’t want them with a table of tefillin on your street, you yell at them and drive them out, but when they come as ZAKA or Hatzalah -the first one to take care of you after an attack – you don’t drive them out, do you?”

“And when you need crutches, chas v’chalilah, you go to Yad Sarah, no? So what’s your problem? Aren’t you tired of being two-faced?”

This isn’t the first time that Goldstein defended Chareidim. About a month and a half ago, when there was intense incitement against Chareidim following reports of the coalition funds promised to the Charedi and Dati Leumi sectors, Goldstein wrote: “Today I woke up and discovered that today is the ‘Day of Hatred of the Chareidim.’ This is what I was informed on all social networks on all channels -everything is full of hatred of Chareidim because the Chareidim managed to get more money for their Chareidi institutions.”

“I don’t want to hate the Chareidim! Friends, stop falling into this trap of hatred. We are being incited against each other. We’re not against each other, we need to be with each other. We need to learn from the Chareidim how a community manages to obtain rights for itself and demand the same. We deserve what they deserve, but not that it should be taken away from them.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I am waiting to hear from the “regulars” that start foaming from their mouth whenever they see “chabad”.

    I wait to hear them howling at the moon about “Chabad propoganda”, and “inappropriate to leig tefillin in the streets”, and “messianics” etc…

    Because, such howling harmonizes well with the howling of these leftist haters, a symphony of hatred against fellow yidden.

  2. Chaos
    A total chaos.

    – The terrorists murder Jews on roads,
    – The “Jewish Anarchist” wearing Israeli flag undermine the fabric of society by dividing, sewing the seeds of hatred and try to murder the country from within.
    A Trojan horses seedlings.

    How can few putts be given so much power by the powers within and who funds and protect them from within?

    Just as Hamas Islamic Jihad were given arms by Israel to “counterbalance” Arafat?

    Lapid and Barak (who offered 99% Of West Bank to Arafat just to be refused) are the sources?

    Which is worse? Peace Now movement who report settlement activities to State Department.
    Or Teddy Kolleg who admitted to spy for the England and got a stadium named after himself? 😵‍💫
    Who is funding them I wonder?
    The Reform movement?
    State Department?
    “The only democracy in ME” is now seems to be only a Banana Republic.