Fire At Ponevezh Yeshiva: 28 Bochurim Evacuated To The Hospital


A fire broke out in Ponevezh Yeshivah in the pre-dawn hours of Thursday morning, forcing dozens of yeshivah bochorim to flee the building.

A large number of firefighting and rescue forces arrived at the scene to extinguish the fire. MDA paramedics treated the bochurim, who were suffering from smoke inhalaton. Twenty-eight bochurim were evacuated to the hospital for further treatment.

Initial investigations indicate that the fire broke out in an electrical closet inside the building, leading to thick smoke filling the interior, which the students inhaled.

Bochurim reported that a delivery man who had arrived at the yeshivah to drop off supplies saw the fire and shouted at the bochurim, who were sleeping, to escape the building.

Paramedics from Magen David Adom stated, “When we arrived at the scene, we saw a large blaze and smoke coming from the building. Approximately 50 yeshiva bochurim who left the building suffered from smoke inhalation. We provided initial on-site medical treatment; all were fully conscious and in mild condition. Twenty-eight bochurim required evacuation to the hospital and were transported in ambulances while receiving ongoing medical care.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. שאלה:- Can I utilize my מעשר money to procure smoke detectors to donate to Shuls & Yeshivos?
    Shall I be יוצא מצות צדקה ahead of ונתנה תוקף by procuring & donating these smoke detectors?

  2. Without knowing actual facts, I suspect that electricity boards were built decades ago, but over time more and more lighting and appliances were added causing the board to overload. It was definitely a problem when I was in Yeshivah. This should be a wake up call for many Yeshivas, mosdos and shuls around the country.

    @bobbydaboy; I know of a case a Yeshiva did have an old smoke alarm but was far too quiet when there was a fire…

  3. To bobby:
    The best smoke alarm in the world is Shalom Peace.
    I once heard that a very big Rav said that the reason that Yeshivas Mir was saved from the nazis, was because there is zero fighting in Yeshivas Mir. Everyone gets along with each other and everyone tries to understand the other person and everyone judges the next person in a positive light. No fighting No enemies No clicks-simply one big happy family where everyone gets along.
    I am sorry but the truth hurts.

  4. bobbydaboy
    Different standards for different countries. Different standards for different folks. They may have had a few. But you didn’t change the batteries.

    Instead of blaming someone else take care of it.

  5. 1-How do you know that they didn’t have smoke detectors? Or that the batteries weren’t changed? Maybe they were sound asleep and didn’t hear them.

    2-Rav Chaim Shmulevitz said that he is sure that Mir Yeshiva here in Jerusalem was saved during the Six Day War because of an aguna who he heard her dovening, ” H-shem, You know how I suffered when my husband left me without money or child support . Please forgive Your people and I will forgive my husband.” Mir at that time was being heavily bombed by the Arabs, being it was right on the boarder.

    May we all have a gut yar and peace and good health and parnassa tova.