Tel Aviv Deputy Mayor: “My Family Was Attacked By An Eritrean Gang”

An Eritrean was caught on video footage holding an illegal gun during the violent clashes in Tel Aviv on Shabbos. He was arrested by the police on Tuesday. (Photo: Screenshot/Kan News)

Tel Aviv Deputy Mayor Chaim Goren’s wife and children were attacked by a gang of Eritrean youth Tuesday evening, Goren said after filing a police complaint on Wednesday morning.

“My wife and children were attacked during a class at the community center by Eritrean youth, the children of infiltrators,” Goren told the press outside the police station. “We see how the adults behave. If we don’t stop it here and now, it will continue to the next generation.”

“I filed a complaint with the police against the attackers. This unfortunate incident proves once again that if we do not deal with the problem of infiltrators and illegal residents, we will experience the scenes we experienced last Shabbos and even worse in the years to come when the next generation of infiltrators start causing trouble.”

“As part of my role as a council member and the one responsible for security in the city, I will continue to act vigorously against lawbreakers who endanger the residents of the southern part of the city, and I will not stop despite the attack on my family members, quite the opposite.”

Police officers on Tuesday arrested an Eritrean man who was caught on video [as seen below] carrying an illegal pistol during the riots on Shabbos.

The 41-year-old suspect is a resident of Tel Aviv. (Israel Police)

The video below shows Eritreans smashing store windows during the riots.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. when will these dangerous Gorillas be dealt with and not let roam the streets in the free world to terrorize, plunder, rape, steal, murder etc etc??