Dedi Cried: “This Is What I Requested From Hakadosh Baruch Hu”

Lipa Ginsburger shows Dedi, z'l, the book inspired by "Amnam" - the song composed by Yossi Green and sung by Dedi.

B’Chadrei Chareidim reporter Lipa Ginsburger wrote a moving tribute to singer Dedi Graucher, z’l, who passed away on Monday.

Ginsburger wrote: “Dedi, z’l, told me, bursting into bitter tears: ‘I was zocheh and HaKadosh Baruch Hu helped me to assist many people but now it’s difficult for me.”

“It was two months ago,” Ginsburger continued. “Dedi returned home after a long and difficult hospitalization during which he hovered between life and death. I was zocheh to bring him a present that touched him deeply, a new sefer I published – Da’as Ramchal – a collection of pearls from dozens of Sifrei Ramchal – a sefer written at his inspiration, from the koach of one of his moving songs, a song from which, by the way, his family also parted from him by his bedside during his final hours. The song is called Amnam, [אמנם הנה הוא בא] and it is based on the words that the Ramchal wrote in his sefer Da’at Tevunot in which he establishes the immense foundations of the purpose of creation, the overturning of the world, and its mysteries.”

“I arrived at Dedi’s home with my wife and our little daughter in order to thank Dedi for the special song, which in practice was the one that opened the doors for me and connected me to the Ramchal’s teachings. Above all, I wanted to show Dedi that his songs not only touched hearts in a deep way but also bore results and are mezakeh h’rabbim.”

“Dedi, who was very moved by the heartfelt tribute, felt comfortable opening his heart to me, revealing just a glimpse of the turmoil he experienced during those trying days of illness and pain.”

“‘Do you know what Waze is?'” Dedi surprised me with the question. Without waiting for my answer, he continued: “I’ve been sick in recent years, very sick – but then I turned to Hakadosh Baruch Hu and said: ‘This is what You want?’ Fine, totally fine, I’ll follow after You. Everything is for the good.'”

“Dedi continued: ‘I only asked for one thing – Ribbono Shel Olam – show me that I’m going in the right direction.'”

“‘What’s Waze?’ Dedi repeated. ‘It alerts you of a car parked on the right, a police car on the left – that’s exactly what my life looks like recently. Every few days, HaKadosh Baruch Hu sends me an ‘alert’ in the form of people whom I influenced and helped – widows, orphans, sick people whom I was zocheh to make happy.'”

“‘And you,’ he turned to me while wiping tears from his face. ‘You’re another ‘alert’ – a very special reminder from the Ribbono shel Olam that He hasn’t abandoned me – that I’m going in the right direction.'”

Below is a video of the song Amnam, the beautiful song composed by Yossi Green and sung by Dedi. Yossi Green wrote about the song: “It was in the year 1975 that the Sefer Daas Tevunois from the Ramchal was first reprinted from its original manuscript after the masterful corrections by R’ Chaim Friedlander Zatzal. And it was in the year 1982 that I had the great fortune to learn this Sefer with my Rebbi and came across this powerful statement made by the Ramchal almost 300 years ago!”

“Though humanity may falter and descend to its lowest levels, Hashem will never destroy His world. For He is always in control… and there’s nothing besides Him!” The Ramchal then adds that “This is a formidable pillar for the Faith of Klal Yisroel whose hearts shall never weaken from the length of their Exile nor its bitter difficulties…” Adding that “It is essentially and directly from these seeming difficulties that the Final Redemption is being formulated and actualized!”

“These Holy comforting and groundbreaking words are what drew me to the piano night after night in an attempt to find the melody that would hopefully serve as a vehicle to help carry these words to those who hadn’t as yet been made aware of them. This song then formed the basis for the second album of songs for the bright and beautiful voice of what was becoming known at the time as “The Inimitable DEDI!”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)