VIDEO: Ticking Time Bomb Terrorist was Eliminated by Nachal Chareidi Soldiers


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A force made up of Yomam anti-terror commandos, ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) agents and IDF soldiers arrived in the Jenin Refugee Camp on Friday night to arrest a wanted Hamas terrorist. According to intelligence information, the wanted terrorist was planning an attack.

The wanted terrorist opened fire at the force and he was shot and killed in the return fire along with two other terrorists. Two Yomam commandos were injured lightly.

Hamza Abu el-Haja, 22, a resident of Jenin was shot dead by the force. He is referred to by security officials as “a ticking time bomb”, with officials adding his death ends fears of his planned shooting attacks against security forces and Israelis in Shomron.

In his remarks on Sunday 21 Adar II at the beginning of the weekly cabinet meeting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated, “Over the weekend our forces struck at a terrorist who had organized attacks on Israelis and was also planning attacks on innocent civilians.

“I would like to commend the anti-terrorism unit, the IDF units involved, including the chareidi brigade, and the ISA for carrying out a very important operation in eliminating someone who endangered Israeli citizens. Our policy is to attack those who attack us and who are planning to attack us. Both were applicable in this case. At the same time, we also discovered a tunnel, a Hamas attack tunnel. These items underscore the importance of strict security procedures in any future settlement.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I’m waiting for Kuperman to write that the chareidim had no business A)being involved in killing a poor, innocent arab and B)especially not on Shabbos.