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Reb Leizer Geldzahler Lives Again in This Incredible New Book

image[COMMUNICATED CONTENT] Every once in a while a new book appears on the scene that shakes people up and gets everyone talking. Several years ago Rabbi Yisroel Besser wrote a book called Reb Shlomo (published by Judaica Press) about the legendary Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld, Rosh Yeshivah of Sh’or Yoshuv in Far Rockaway, and it spread like wildfire. Speakers everywhere were retelling stories from it, and everyone was recommending it to their friends.

Now it looks like Rabbi Besser has done it again with the publication of Reb Leizer — The life and legacy of Rabbi Eliezer Geldzahler (Judaica Press). There’s no question this book will change the way people think.

Who was Rabbi Geldzahler? He was a truly innovative rosh yeshivah, a breath of fresh air in the chassidishe chinuch world. He lived in Lakewood, led a yeshivah of mostly Satmar talmidim, was himself close to Breslov, Stolin, Chabad, and Amshinov and was a grandson of Rav Dessler, heir to the path of Kelm. His wife was a granddaughter of the Bobover Rov. He fused all this and more in his yeshivah. His own personality was larger than life, his smile and warmth contagious, his enthusiasm electric, and his patience and respect for individuals legendary.

But his great work was cut short. On a bus with talmidim on the way to Tzfas, the driver dozed off. Reb Leizer jumped from his seat to seize the steering wheel and keep the bus on course; an accident ensued. The talmidim were all spared; only the Rosh Yeshivah was taken.

At the young age of 46, Reb Leizer left this world, leaving behind an almanah and thirteen children.

This book was conceived by Rav Michel Twerski of Milwaukee, Reb Leizer’s father-in-law. Reb Leizer built a world-class yeshivah while still a young man, opening up a new world to chassidishe bachurim that offered them the penetrating lomdus of the yeshivah world while fiercely safeguarding their mesorah. He challenged them to grow and made their spirits soar, but, most important of all, he gave them dreams and aspirations. Reb Michel felt that the lessons of Reb Leizer’s methods in chinuch could inspire parents in a generation in which chinuch is such a challenge.

Reb Leizer offers a unique chance to be inspired, enthused, motivated, and heartened. Reb Leizer didn’t have much time in this world, but he changed many lives nonetheless. Through this book, it’s certain that he will still change a few more ….

The book is available now at and your local Judaica store.

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