Lev Tahor Children Returned To Their Families After CBSA Arrests


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lev-tahorAccording to the immigration lawyer representing the Lev Tahor cult, the Canadian Border Service Agency arrested and detained six members Wednesday morning.

As a result attorney Guidy Mamann says about a dozen children were briefly taken by the Children’s Aid Society. However, as of 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, CAS had returned all children to their families.

Executive director of Chatham’s Children’s Services, Stephen Doing, says CAS worked with agents, while they executed several warrants for suspected immigration and refugee protection act violations.

(Source: CTV)


  1. Thank G-d. Children should be with their parents irregardless who the parents are. Taking children away from their parents is akin to murder and destroys the child. Even if one disagrees with the religious practices of the parents. A child should never be taken away for that reason.

    The agency trumped up charges because they aren’t teaching the official school curriculum including sex ed and evolution.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how you know exactly what goes on at the “compound” a place that u have never visited. U don’t know the people etc.
    While I don’t agree with their yiddishkiet there has been no evidence of child abuse. This is a religious persecution!

  3. 1. I’m not part of them, so don’t accuse me for my comment.
    2. Why so much hate against other Jews?
    3. Why is it so important for YWN to describe them all the time as a CULT?
    4. can you imagine the pain of the parents taken away from their children? the pain of the children taken away from their parents?
    5. These kids are %100 innocent, whats this big happiness to see them suffer?
    Lastly, for the Goyim we are all the same,putting them down is putting down all the Jews, so whats the big simcha?
    6. Do you think that this Hate and Loshon Hara is bringing good merits for us? think again.
    7. Ever heard the old jews saying, “By the Natzis they did not care where you belonged, Satmer, belz, pupa, lubabitch, Chasid, it was all the same”, get the point?

  4. just because some one is frummer than Thou, and even knows Yiddish, does not make them into tzadikim.

    there is a saying, “just as the pig wallows in the mud on its back lifting its hoofs upward as if to say, ‘look at my hoofs, they are kosher so am I'” meaning that the pig who has external kosher traits (the hoofs) but lacks the internal kosher traits, the stomach and cud, so too, people who have some sort of bad trait, cover it with a cloak of righteousness so that we will only see their externality and not the inner posul that they have.

    So too, with this group. Something stinks inside of them that they must cover up as it they are the most righteous people in society.

  5. #1. You can’t possibly mean that children should be left with mentally unstable or abusive parents. Children need to be raised in a loving and nurturing environment, which is not the case with these poor kids.
    This is a cult in every sense of the word. The only difference between Lev Tahor, a misnomer if ever I heard one, and Warren Jeffs is that Jeffs didn’t cause a chillul Hashem like these so called Yidden are causing. In all other respects both cults are similar. They are both abusive, controlling, oppressive and injurious to the well being of their members.
    And one more thing, the word is “regardless” not “irregardless”.

  6. I would venture to guess that most people if not all, making those nasty comments about this being an “abusive cult” have never met any of these people. Why does everyone feel they have free rein to speak loshon horah and motzi shem rah so blatantly about them? It is just as much an aveira as talking about your neighbor, your brother etc. especially if it is all speculation and hearsay. These people may look different because of the way they dress, but, they are not abusive. They want to live their way, quietly, without bothering anyone, even if to others it seems extreme. They are not a danger to anyone, they are not recruiting members (like real cults do) What is taking place in this community is nothing short of a pogrom. They should be allowed to live in peace with their families intact and teach their children the way they feel is right. They call themselves lev tahor because they want to keep their children pure, away from all the influences of the secular world. Most Yidden don’t live this way, I agree, but, who says they live the proper Torah derech? Isolation is the only way to keep oneself away from outside influence. Who says it is right to let your kids going shopping in malls, or going to amusement parks etc, or reading goyish books, watching videos from the public library? I am just enumerating a few things people do, it is not everything, but, everyone shouldn’t be so smug about themselves and think they are holy, Torahdick Jews and they are better than Lev Tahor, just because they are “normal”. I know the Lev Tahor community and even though they are “extreme” to our way of thinking, they do what they do l’shem shomayim, which is more than I can say for most of us (including myself).