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Chareidim Meet to Discuss Pool Operating in Tzfas on Shabbos

tzefatThe opening of the Tzfas Country swimming pool on Shabbos is leading to an organized chareidi front to oppose the chilul Shabbos. While the pool has been operating on Shabbos over recent months, the owner announced ahead of the recent municipal elections that he would begin closing on Shabbos, leading askanim to believe the matter was put to rest. However now that elections are over, they have learned the pool continues to operate despite the promises to the contrary. The pool’s owner has turned to the city’s non religious population to support his opening on Shabbos.

Rabbonim have met with city councilmen to plan their strategy, well aware the frum councilmen have a majority on the city council.

The pool is near the Maor HaChaim neighborhood and the noise and music from the pool have become a nuisance to the frum area residents. What may have prompted the renewed battle now is the fact a new pool is about to open and frum residents fear if this pool is permitted to operate on Shabbos, the new one will follow suit.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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