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Treyger and Housing Recovery Director Amy Peterson Tour Coney Island and Sea Gate to Meet with Sandy Victims Struggling to Rebuild


Brooklyn – Council Member Mark Treyger, Chairman of the City Council’s Recovery and Resiliency Committee, led newly-appointed Housing Recovery Office Director Amy Peterson on a tour yesterday of hard-hit areas of Coney Island and Sea Gate that are still struggling to rebuild following Superstorm Sandy. Over the course of three hours, Councilman Treyger and Director Peterson heard directly from residents who are still trying to get back into their damaged homes or who are awaiting reimbursement after using personal savings to rebuild. During her discussions with residents, Director Peterson vowed to get the city’s Build it Back program finally moving forward and made it clear that she intends to make sure that the recovery effort begins showing tangible results for residents.

“It was important for me to bring Director Peterson to residents who are still trying to rebuild their homes and lives so that she could hear their frustrations and concerns firsthand. Everyone agrees that the recovery process has failed the public to this point, but I am confident that Mayor de Blasio recognizes the urgent need that still exists in Coney Island, Sea Gate and other communities 17 months after the storm hit, and that Director Peterson understands the scope of the challenges still facing our city,” said Council Member Treyger.

The tour began in Sea Gate, where Council Member Treyger and Director Peterson were shown the interior of a home that remains completely unfinished and uninhabitable and discussed the homeowner’s plight in obtaining funding and reimbursements to complete the job. They then stopped at several homes and a co-op building in Coney Island before meeting with a small business owner and landlord. They also stopped by at the site of a recent fire that destroyed a home that had been abandoned following Superstorm Sandy and threatened the adjacent homes.

Council Member Treyger was especially pleased to hear Director Peterson’s willingness to investigate the possibility of working with community-based social service organizations to perform case management duties and to ensure that local residents have employment opportunities through the rebuilding efforts. The tour came a week after Council Member Treyger held a seven hour hearing at City Hall that Director Peterson attended from beginning to end regarding the slow pace of the recovery. Additional hearings on issues such as the impact on small businesses are planned for the coming weeks and months.

“My thanks to Director Peterson for taking the time to meet with my constituents and to restore their confidence that the city will meet its commitment to every Sandy victim. I was especially pleased to hear her willingness to pursue my proposals to make local residents and organizations partners in this effort. I promised when running for office that I would not rest until every resident is back home and is provided the assistance they need, and I will continue to fight until this happens,” added Council Member Treyger.

Attached photos: Council Member Mark Treyger and Housing Recovery Office Director Amy Peterson discuss issues with the recovery from Superstorm Sandy with Sam Burt Co-op resident Cristal Farrington before visiting the site of a home abandoned after the storm that recently caught on fire and threatened adjacent properties.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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