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IDF Appoints a Commander for Frum Induction Center

idffAs the IDF prepares for the opening of its chareidi induction center following yomtov, it has appointed Captain Rabbi Yaakov Rashi to head the base. The captain is a member of the dati leumi community, and he will oversee the operations at the new base.

Chareidim who receive draft notices in the future will have to report to the base to declare if they are going to continue learning in the framework of the nation’s new draft law or enter the IDF or an approved national service alternative. Captain Rashi will be promoted to the rank of major before assuming his new post after Pesach.

Rashi will be assisted by Captain Yehuda Glickman, who in the past was the ombudsman for Shachar soldiers serving in the IDF, hearing and addressing their grievances and problems.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Depending on how many hareidi simply refuse to cooperate and don’t show up, this could be a very soft job. Remember the government is not offering exemptions from military service, only delayed entry, and probably asking people to sign papers agreeing to enlist at some future date.The moderates will show up an politiely refuse to join the army, and the anti-zionists won’t show up at all.

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