NY Conservatives Pan E-Cigarette Proposal


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ecigThe New York State Conservative Party is criticizing a proposal to bar electronic cigarette smoking in public places.

The party opposes a bill before the state Legislature to make restrictions on smoking in public areas applicable to so called e-cigarettes. The conservatives argue that people should make their own decisions and that the measure would continue the “Nanny State” role of government.

Proponents of the bans say they are aimed at preventing the re-acceptance of smoking as a societal norm, particularly among teenagers.

A New York City law making electronic cigarettes subject to the same regulations as tobacco took effect last week.



  1. this law would cause anyone using ecigs in public places instead of ciggarettes to go to a place where ciggarettes are allowed where they may as well smoke ciggarettes. this law therefore constitutes a public health hazard and should be struck down.