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Kaliver Rebbe Visits the Belzer Rebbe; Has Strong Against State Of Israel

bkThe Kaliver Rebbe Shlita visited the Belzer Rebbe Shlita in the latter’s home in Yerushalayim to wish him mazel tov on the birth of a great grandchild. The Kaliver explained that he has a desire to recite the bracha Shehechiyanu on the rebirth and rebuilding of the Belzer Chassidus.

The visit took place on Tuesday afternoon 6 Iyar 5774. The Kaliver Rebbe extended heartfelt mazel tov wishes to the rebbe, adding that if not for the fact we are in the Omer during which it is customary to refrain from reciting Shehechiyanu, he would do so due to his immense joy seeing the rebirth of Belze first hand. The Kaliver pointed out this rebirth truly began from ‘nothing’ and today to see the beis medrash and the community is simply a reason to make a bracha to HKBH.

The rebbe added that “We must all thank HKBH for the great miracle rescue and rebirth of the world of Torah and Chassidus as the Holocaust snuffed out millions of lives, including many spiritual leaders of chareidi Jewry. An here and now, we have merited Siyata Dishmaya towards the rebirth of the yeshiva world and especially the holy court of the Belzer Chassidim.”

The Kaliver ended his visit with harsh criticism against the State of Israel and the administration’s contempt towards chareidim. “The state was established in no small way from funds given by Germany following the atrocities and now, to our sorrow, the state decides to harm yeshivos and avreichim in kollelim, the very same people who on the cheshbon of their grandparents the state received funds to establish itself, those who were murdered by the Nazis YS”VZ”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. unfortunately, naturally they are both childless .

    Moderators Note: Unfortunately, you don’t know how to read. The Belzer Rebbe is a great-grandfather.

  2. It is well known why (how it came about) that the Kaliver Rebbe came to be unable to have children r”l. It is equally well known that although the Belzer Rabbi had only one son, that son has Baruch HaShem been blessed with children and grandson children.

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