You Could Win a Free ArtScroll Shas!


talmudpic[COMMUNICATED CONTENT] Every time a person enters a raffle or giveaway, they experience that little tinge of hope — maybe this time my name will be picked as the winner.

Sure, it’s nice to win a piece of jewelry or a laptop. But when it comes to an ArtScroll giveaway, the results can be educational, inspirational, and even life-changing. How would you spend an ArtScroll gift certificate? Would you gift a book that you won to someone in need of inspiration? Can you imagine if you won a complete ArtScroll Shas?

A longtime customer of ArtScroll just won a set of The Laws of Shabbos. While he hasn’t received his prize yet, he says “I’m always learning and I’m confident these books will enlighten me and help me grow. Every ArtScroll book is properly developed to fulfill its goal, whether it’s Halacha or geared toward children.”

Bonnie, who won a $100 ArtScroll gift certificate, is still deciding what to order. “This is such a blessing to me to be able to get some things in my quest to learn and follow Hashem.”

Sarah, winner of ArtScroll’s giveaway of My Father, My Mother, and Me, found the book to be a nice change. “The book that I won was very different from the ArtScroll books that I usually read. I enjoyed it and then passed it on to my sister.”

And our winner of The Answer Is Hagaddah, Miriam, said it transformed her Seder. “I love the question-and-answer format for any commentaries and for Haggadahs in particular, so I was really excited to win. That Haggadah provoked a lot of conversation at my Seder table.”

ArtScroll’s bestselling cookbooks also make great prizes. Shaindy, the recent winner of our giveaway of a set of Kosher by Design cookbooks, says that she’s excited with all of the recipe choices she now has. “My menu is no longer boring and I have a lot of new ideas.”

If you think these prizes sound exciting, ArtScroll’s current giveaway is its biggest ever! One person is going to win a complete ArtScroll Shas — valued at $2999. There are 14 ways to enter the giveaway, so you can get lots of chances to win! For extra chances, you can refer your friends — when they enter the giveaway, you receive a bonus entry.

Who knows? Maybe you will be ArtScroll’s next winner!

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