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Rav David Yosef Denies Legitimacy of Damaging Letter

avyA letter was published by Yisrael Hayom journalist Yehuda Schlesinger reportedly written by Rabbi David Yosef Shlita. The letter, which is written in a harsh tone, was sent to Shas officials in Petach Tikvah against Eli Yishai, instructing them not to invite the former Shas leader to functions.

While Schlesinger reveals the letter on his Facebook page, Rabbi Yosef insists it is a forgery and he does not plan to remain silent. Rabi Yosef has signaled he plans to file an official complaint with police in the hope of determining who would dare to forge a letter in his name. Supporters of Eli Yishai are also more than a bit curious to learn who is behind the letter.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

3 Responses

  1. I would not be surprised if it was someone in Deri’s camp. Shas has been going downhill ever since Deri came back, and Eli Yishai actually has the ability to turn the party around. Just look at the difference between their statements on the cutting of benefits for Avreichim:

    Deri: This shows how you hate Torah and are anti Jewish.

    Yishay: These funds are fully compliant with a previous ruling based on ABC, and there was no reason to readdress the issue. In addition, if you compare this with the benefit given to ABC, this is no less discriminatory.

    Deri gives a typical Haredi response which may be ok when speaking to a Haredi group, but in the Knesset, it just makes everyone ignore you. Yishai, on the other hand, gave a response based on logic and reason, and he spoke in a language everyone can understand.

  2. The ongoing feud between Deri & Yishei is damaging the SHAS party. Just like the Rabbi Amar treatment by the Yosef family is unforgivable.


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