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Chief Rabbi Lau Shlita Blasts Euthanasia Bill

vaacnChief Rabbi David Lau Shlita told chareidi radio on Monday night the eve of 12 Sivan 5774 that the Euthanasia Bill passed by the Ministerial Law Committee earlier this week negates halacha and is nothing short of murder. Rav Lau cited how halacha permits physicians to heal, not chas v’sholom to take a life, a decision that remains exclusively in HKBH’s hands, not mortal man.

The rav warned that such an outrageous bill begins with taking the life of one who is terminally ill to end one’s suffering. From there it will extend to the mentally ill, and then even addressing those with what perceive to be poor quality of life. He expressed outrage over the bill and called on the ministers to reverse the unacceptable decision.

The bill would permit physicians to write a prescription for a fatal cocktail for terminally ill patients wishing to bring their suffering to an end.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Has the Israeli government descended so low as to come out with a bill indicating “left” or “right” like Mengele harasha ymsh”v?

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