Terror Watch: Thursday & Friday (15 & 16 Sivan 5774)


hamasFollowing is a partial listing of Arab terror attack that occurred on Thursday and Friday erev Shabbos Parshas Shelach 5774.

Shabbos & Motzei Shabbos

22:51: (Kol Yehudi)

Rocks were hurled at the Jerusalem light rail as it passed through the Beit Haninah neighborhood. A window of one car was smashed. Others were damaged

22:28: (Tatzpit)

Tens of Arabs protested and were unruly near Yishuv Nokdim in E. Gush Etzion.

22:28: (Tatzpit)

Rock attacks near Otniel in the S. Hebron Hills

22:27: (Tatzpit)

Tires were set afire near Dir Abu Meshal in W. Binyamin in Shomron.

21:37: (Hatzalah Yosh)

Rock attacks against Jewish motorists in Hebron near Kikar Gross.

(Hatzalah Yosh)

Rockets were fired into the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council on Shabbos

(Hatzalah Yosh)

A firebomb was hurled at security forces from Silwan in Yerushalayim.

(Hatzalah Yosh)

Two firebombs were hurled into Yishuv Psagot which borders on Ramallah.


18:07: (Hatzalah Yosh)

Arabs threw rocks near Anata.

15:32: (Hatzalah Yosh)

Arabs pelted IDF soldiers with rocks near Beit Omer in the Gush Etzion district.

15:04: (Hatzalah Yosh)

Rocks were hurled at Jewish vehicles in Hebron.

14:14: (Tatzpit)

Rock attacks against security forces in Hebron.

14:13: (Tatzpit)

Rock attacks against soldiers near Beit Merkachat Checkpoint in Hebron.

13:45: (Tatzpit)

Violence and rock attacks on Har Habayis.

07:00 (Hatzalah Yosh)

Gunfire directed at security forces at the Bituniya Checkpoint near Ramallah.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)