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Police Dispatcher Acted Inappropriately In Frantic Call Reporting Kidnapping

mishEvery call received by every police dispatcher reveals the number of the caller to the dispatcher. This was the case when the call came in on Thursday night from one of the kidnapped youths. The dispatcher tried calling back and there was no response. This has now been confirmed by official police sources.

Nevertheless the dispatcher did not see the need to inform a superior despite the fact the voice at the other end shouted they were being kidnapped during the 2 minute call. Banging was heard in the background.

Officials report the dispatcher lacked the authority to ignore such a call and in line with operational protocol and common sense was compelled to alert a supervisor immediately.

As the police foul up was confirmed in the media on Sunday evening, Police Chief Yochanan Danino arrived back in Israel from New York.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. That police dispatcher should be let go. Common sense would tell a person that there’s trouble and to notify a supervisor.

  2. No they have half-wit lazy good for nothing officers answering the phones when they bother. I have had only lazy dishonest and irresponsible responses when calling the Israeli police for less important situations. To fire a single dispatcher would be missing the point. The entire attitude is rotten. A thorough re-education for starters, along with firing without pay everyone from this idiot and above- especially the inept police chief.

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