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Still No Kiryas Joel Deal A Month After Deadline

kjThe following is a News12 article:

A highly anticipated decision by the state as to who will oversee a controversial land deal in Monroe is still on hold despite the fact that the deadline was more than a month ago.

United Monroe, a grassroots group, has been fighting against a plan to double the size of the Hassidic community of Kiryas Joel. Both Monroe and the Village of Kiryas Joel have asked the state Department of Environmental Conservation to be the lead agent, which would oversee future impact studies on the proposal.

The plan has raised many concerns including corruption, area development, water and taxes. The DEC was supposed to make its decision sometime in April and then in May, but both deadlines have come and gone.

On Monday, Town Supervisor Harley Doles commented on the delay by email, citing other lengthy Kiryas Joel projects.

“Between the DEC and the courts, expect a repeat,” said Doles. “Despite the doom and gloom predictions, Monroe will grow and prosper.”

While Monroe residents are left waiting on this issue, other topics in town are still being addressed. There is a town board meeting tonight, but it is not open for public comment.

Calls by News 12 to Kiryas Joel officials about the DEC delay were not returned. State officials declined to comment.

(Source: News12)

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