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Lupoliansky’s Attorney Responds to Harsh Sentence

lupThe Tel Aviv District Court on Thursday, 21 Sivan 5774, sentenced former Jerusalem Mayor Rabbi Uri Lupoliansky to six years imprisonment following his conviction in the Holyland real estate case. Despite giving the distinct impression the court would show leniency, Justice David Rosen explained that despite Lupoliansky’s life of chessed public service and his serious illness, the court cannot overlook the seriousness of his conviction.

Attorney Shashi Gaz expressed criticism and surprise over the harsh verdict, telling Kol Berama Radio “The court provide that the death penalty does exist in Israel. The judge did not take his illness into account and was cruel in his punishment”.

Attorney Avi Chimi added the court failed to take Lupoliansky years of chessed service into account.

Officials in Yad Sara expressed shock over the sentence which is a far cry from the statements made by the court over recent weeks.

An appeal with the Supreme Court is planned.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. And the ex pm convicted in the same case gets 6 yrs when he did what he did for personal gain abd for the leader if th country i wud gave thought he shud have been the most accountable. maybe if he was frum his sentence wud have been harsher

  2. I don’t want to be entirely cynical, but when you’re dealing with anti-religious judges who steal money and destroy people’s families in complete violation to the laws of the Torah, it’s no mitzvah to be dan l’kaf z’chus.

    After making all those statements about the need to show mercy, he threw the book at him. Why? Obviously, there’s a deal in effect here, between the judge and the prosecution. They’re forcing him to spend NIS 235,000 to make an appeal with the Supreme Court, not to mention the additional hundreds of thousands NIS in lawyer costs and other legal fees (of which there are plenty).

    I see a cynical deal to squeeze money out of this man, and by extension, his community. Then the Supreme Court can come in like heroes and grant him a reprieve, maybe. In short, the courts are just as corrupt, and in this case, much more corrupt, than the people they purport to judge.

  3. His only “crime” was encouraging those doing business with the government to contribute money to tsadakah. That is hardly a “hillul ha-Shem.” By comparison, the hilonim convicted in the case were asking those doing business with the government to give them more money so they could live well beyond their official salaries. The truth is that to a zionist, acts of hesed and support Torah and support the poor are reprehensible deeds that undermine the medinah, which is why they are so mad at him. This is a pure case of political vindictiveness by an anti-Torah regime.

    The only real crime he was guilty of was collaborating with the zionists – but that’s between him, his Rav and Ha-Shem.

  4. Garlic:
    You don’t come to the footsteps or fingertips of this man. He has built up the biggest organization in eretz yisroel. It’s an organization that helps every single citizen. There probably isn’t a family in this country that hasn’t experienced the help of yad sarah. Moreover, the money. He got went straight to the organization which helps all of israel. He didn’t take it for his own personal greed. The rest of the pple that made money here or in the history of israel was always for their own extravagant lifestyles. This is what’s absurd! The chilonim in this country are the biggest parasites. Ironically all they do is blame the chareidi world for using the govt when all the biggest organizations here that literally save lives and are independently fundraised are run by chareidim. This sentence is out of bounds for a man that has given his life for the klal and is not well right now. Again, remember the money he pocketed was given straight into the pockets of the needy in israel. You taking foodstamps, medicaid and what not is a way bigger sin than what he’s done.

  5. geula,

    Watch you are writing, because in your attempt to defend Reb Uri who certainly deserves to be defended, you are trashing a large sector of the Israeli society. Chiloniim as a class are not parasites, just as the Chareidim are not.
    This being said, I am with you in declaring that Reb Uri’s sentence is scandalous in its being similar to that of Ehud Olmert. Reb Uri’s life was dedicated to the k’lal as you wrote. Olmert’s life was dedicated to gratifying his body and ego, even if he had to step on others or betray fellow Yiden. Thirty Israeli soldiers died in the last days of the Second Lebanon War, only due to his sick ego. He is the one who supported the expulsion of 10,000 Yiden from their home in Gush Katif.

  6. Don’t you understand why this judge gave such a sickening sentence
    1) 1/3 because he is a chareidi Rabbi ,
    2) 1/3 because he helps chareidim at a time when the country is out to destroy chareidim ,
    3) 1/3 to block income and help for chareidi families,

  7. Sorry I cant hold myself back anymore aka pooka please don’t let me disturb your faith in you’regoyish hshkofos.
    But thus is a time when Jewish people are united from a tragedy that happened to us and everyone is davening together. I find it very interesting that you never commented on that. You commented on every other article on ywn.

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