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Obama: Congress Obstructs, So I Act Alone

obaPresident Barack Obama says he’ll keep acting on his own as long as congressional Republicans block his economic agenda.

In his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama says he has moved to attract jobs, raise workers’ wages and help students pay off loans because Republican obstructionism is keeping the system rigged against the middle class. He says if it makes Republicans in Congress mad that he’s trying to help people, they can join him so they can work together.

Obama also wished good luck to the U.S. team as it prepares for its next World Cup soccer match in Brazil.

In the Republican address, Louisiana Rep. Bill Cassidy pushes growing the U.S. energy, manufacturing and construction industries, including approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, to create jobs.


10 Responses

  1. Obama, It’s time for you to step down! If you can’t figure out how to work with our voted-in congress, then consider yourself not voted in!

  2. 1. He can’t spend a dime unless the Congress authorizes it.

    2. Anything done without a basis in the Constitution and statutes is illegal and will get reversed by the courts.

  3. And for all those who got so angry when it was suggested that Obama is a dictator…well, he’s just given you proof. How many more years? Good luck!

  4. What a tipish. He should sit in jail. The problem is that the next president, no matter the party, will probably pardon him.

  5. Hey Obumma,
    Maybe if you were a positive issue when it comes to heading the U.S. government and wasn’t such a jerk pushing your own agenda with the kissy democrats at your side because it benefits them, you wouldn’t need to, as you say, “go it alone”.
    You have broken me laws as President of the United States of America than any of the past presidents even thought of doing.
    You have lied to the American people so many times most people lost count.
    It’s time to get with the real picture of the needs of the American people. If you can’t do that it’s time for you to resign. I have other ideas of how you can step down as President but they shouldn’t be printed.

  6. Well mr obama maybe if u had a better track record maybe they wouldnt obstruct 2500 savings on healthcare? Yea right

  7. Just call him the crybaby president. He doesn’t want to compromise, just to do it his way. Let’s hope Americans wake up to his games and throw his party out. Sorry, Dems, but you backed this jerk unquestioningly for too long. His policies hurt America. Time to stop it.

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