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Some Details Being Released Regarding the Terrorist Murders of the Youths

cSoldiers of the elite Maglan unit of the Paratroops Brigade were among those who found the three bodies in a brush in a wheat field in Halhul a number of hours ago. Among the first to arrive on the scene were IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz, IDF Central District Commander Major-General Nitzan Alon and the IDF Spokesman Brigadier-General Moti Almoz. It is reported for them and others who saw the bodies shortly after they were discovered, it was a “most difficult” sight even for the most veteran combat soldier and officer.

Officials began calling the parents at about 18:30, instructing them to return home as the officials who have been escorting the families in Talmon, Nof Ayalon and Elad gave them the bitter news, the confirmation that the search has come to an end and that their beloved sons were found, lifeless, in a PA autonomous area field. In Elad and elsewhere, the response to the confirmed news is spontaneous tefilos!

Initial reports indicate it is believed the boys were shot dead shortly after they were abducted on Thursdaynight the eve of 15 Sivan 5774 from Alon Shvut Junction. The terrorists,Marwan Kawasmeh, Amar Abu-Eisha and possibly a third accomplice fled and are now the subject of a major manhunt involving the best of the IDF’s resources and manpower.

Additional details to follow.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. In light of the most devastating news possible, please, in your tears, don’t just ask for vengence, ask that HaSh-m PLEASE reveal Moshiach to us RIGHT NOW, in peace, use your grief, to storm shomayim wih THIS request.

  2. Daven versus action. So now we’re going to argue about what to, and end up doing neither, losing achdus, to boot.

    Try this suggestion. Those capable of action, go for it. Ask Hashem for His help. Those capable of tefiloh, pray for everyone, chassidim and misnagdim, Ashkenazim and Sefardim, Tziyonim and non-Tziyonim, men and women, those who go to battle and those who don’t. Make tefiloh inclusive, not exclusive, just as our lives should be. Similar to Yissachar-Zevulun pact. Division of labor – we’re all in it together. Maybe the zechus of our achdus will help us in our hishtadlus to make our world safer.

  3. I totally agree with “The little I know.” (you know a lot)
    Our new motto should be “BRING BACK OUR ACHDUS – and don’t ever let it leave”

  4. #3 Yaakov new who he was dealing with. Essav the animal-pera adam, yado bakol, who gave up the Bechoros for a bowl of soup ten steps from his house.

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