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KNOCKOUT IN WILLIAMSBURG: NYPD Arrest Two Women For Attacking 79-Year-Old Orthodox Jew


The knockout punches came without warning, as 79-year-old Orthodox Jew Natfali Lebovits fell to the ground from the blows.

The Daily News reported that Raven Small, 20, and Tatyana Bone, 18, were arrested as suspects shortly after the incident that occurred on Sunday at 1:10 a.m. in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

An epidemic of these kinds of senseless attacks on unsuspecting victims have surfaced in cities across the nation. Many of the victims of the so called “knockout game” have been seriously injured and in some cases have suffered fatalities.

Police at the scene said that the motive for the attack was unclear and that Lebovits was taken to NYU Langone Medical Center by Hatzolah. Lebovits is a well-known member of the local Jewish community and was walking on Taylor Street when he was allegedly struck by the two women.

Witnesses to the incident called Shomrim who arrived quickly and followed the alleged perpetrators. The women attempted to flee and entered 541 Whyte Ave., but the NYPD showed up in time to arrest them. Both women were charged with assault.

Fortunately, the elderly Natfali Lebovits was released from the hospital on Sunday morning, and it appears that his injuries were minor. Aside from the head blows, he received injuries to his hands when he fell.

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  1. I have trouble seeing these knockout attacks as anything less than terror. It has become a fear that everyone needs to have when walking outside, just going about one’s business. Those who perpetrate this do not need to have a political agenda to be terrorists. Their consequences should be nothing less than that of a terrorist. Of course, we have Obama y”sh looking to defend the perpetrators, but the process needs to be instituted. Someday, B’ezras Hashem, we will be freed from this menace to humanity.

  2. Throw them both off the roof of a tall building and let’s see how they like being knocked out! Pieces of dreck that they are.

  3. Is it necessarily part of the “knockout game” or just the everyday acts of unwarranted violence that is finally getting light in the lib media? (I’m glad it is, but I wish it wasn’t all lumped together as “knockout.” I think it’s just as likely these two zonas’ objective was to kill.)

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