Ministers Approve Sick Days for Parents


sdaThe Ministerial Law Committee this past week approved a bill sponsored by MK Uri Maklev that grants up to 90 days sick leave annually for the parents of an ill child. Maklev explains that just as there is a responsibility to care for ill children, the state also has a responsibility to see to it that the child’s parents can do what the situation demands.

The new bill addresses serious illness that demands regular treatment, such as dialysis patients. The new bill permits a parent to transport a child and take the time required to care for a child, using accumulated sick days at work or even using vacation days with a maximum of 90 days annually.

“Parents of children will kidney disease must be at their child’s side” explains Maklev, who feels the bill represents a major step in assisting families that R”L have children stricken with serious illness.

A number of months ago, the Knesset approved another bill sponsored by Maklev that grants additional sick days for parents with children with disabilities. These parents receive 18 days annually instead of the standard 15 and the days off can be calculated in half day units to make the process as accommodating to the parent as possible.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)