OP-ED: The President’s Silence Was Deafening


CapturePresident Obama convened a Rose Garden confab with illegal alien amnesty advocates this afternoon. He bashed the Tea Party and telegraphed new plants to circumvent Congress in order to impose new administrative fiats for his open-borders agenda. Many observers hoped he might address the horrific murder of Naftali Frenkel, the 16-year-old Jewish teen whose body was found along with two Israeli boys today  at the hands of Hamas.

The president’s silence was deafening.

Rose Israel – Suffern NY


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    WHEN THE POLICE STOP SOMEBODY GOING INTO HIS OWN HOUSE OBUMMA INVITED HIM AND THE COP FOR A BEAR SUMMIT’ WHEN JEWISH BLOOD RUNS obumma does not care. Never thought I live to see a worst president thAT thne the ppeanut farmer but obumma wins hands down

  2. Where is the American jewery? all these influential people. PROTEST!!!
    America doesn’t care about us! Never did. Never will.
    Pray and get closer to Hashem to beg for mishmash.

  3. What is worse is the statement issued by the White House attributing their deaths to “violence”. I guess that illegal aliens who smuggle themselves into the country illegally are to be provided food, shelter and schooling; yet, an American citizen murdered in the hands of blood-thirsty terrorists ought to be ignored.

    This is the same administration that blamed the breakdown of peace talks on Israel despite the announcement of a unity government between the PA and Hamas. We should remember that Hamas is designated a terrorist organization in according to the United States, Canada, and the European Union, among other nation.

    Obama recently couldn’t outline the Obama Doctrine. Well, I’ll summarize it for him: “Appease enemies and alienate allies; sympathize with terrorists and illegals, and disregard innocent blood.

  4. What our Muslim Charmer in Chief didn’t say was, “If I was born white, like my mother, and I had a son, he’d look like Naftali Frenkel.” Trayvon Martin, a common street thug, of course, he couldn’t shut up about. This is the “post-racial” president the overwhelming majority of American Jewish voters shoe horned into the White House. We are chachomim in the beis medrash and am ha’haartzim, no, chamorim, in the polling booths.

  5. I think he should have said something about the 3 boys, but truthfully, the comments above are nothing but asinine. He’s not Muslim and has stated so many times. As to the US not caring about Israel and never did? Seriously? We give Israel $3.8 Billion per year..the largest foreign aid given on a regular basis to any other country in the world. We also slide money under the table and forgive loans. And without the $1.8 Billion we give Egypt every year as a part of the Camp David accord, Israel wouldn’t have their support either. Lastly, realize that Jews only comprise 0.02% of the world’s population and our preoccupation with Israel has been ongoing for decades.

  6. It’s not like King Obama would have CHANGEd anything with a hashtag poster. He has no standing internationally, and little in the country he rules. It is to Hashem we must turn, it is to Him who we should always have been and should always be.

    BDE Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Frenkel.

  7. Since Obama already gave a statement since this letter was written, I’m sure the writer isn’t happy anyways, since he hates Obama just because he hates him.

    The president of the United States is a very busy person, and he can’t even handle the needs of the 300 Million people living in the US, let alone the rest of the globe.

    He was elected simply to be president of the United States. He is not obligated to Iraq, Libya, Jordan, Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, South Korea, Estonia, Rebels in Syria, and the list goes on and on.

    By the way were are your comments when hundreds of thousands of people are killed every year on our globe, in the same manner these boys were killed?

    Do you ever mourn them?

    Why should Obama care about your brothers more than you care about other people?

  8. Okay. So he comes out with a “personal” statement and calls the murder an “act of terror”. The phrase is quickly followed, however, with, “I also urge all parties to refrain from steps that could further destabilize the situation.”

    Where is the condemnation of Hamas? Where is the statement decrying the unity government between the PA and Hamas? Why does he urge “all parties” to refrain from “steps” that can “destabilize” the situation? Since when are terrorists, terror organizations or those who harbor them parties at the table? What “steps” should Israel not take to eradicate Hamas who seeks blood from innocent school boys? Is the kidnapping of teenagers considered routing and an activity that occurs under “stable” circumstances?

    Jewish blood is cheap for this administration; yet, blood of terrorists is valuable…

  9. #7 John,
    The US gives money to Israel – not out of the goodness of their heart – but only to maintain control. I would venture to say that it was the lobbying of the American weapons industry who has paid off the politicians since Israel is required to spend the bulk of it buying weapons from them.

  10. From an American perspective, what’s happening in Eretz Yisrael isn’t very important. It’s probably even less important than the situation in Nigeria, where hundreds if not thousands of civilians have been kidnapped or killed by the Muslim “terrorists” (though “insurgents” is more realistic – as in the Middle East, they are not trying to terrorize but to conquer). The situation in Syria and Iraq, with threats of a much larger and more disruptive war, is what matters most to the US. The US may want to be able to influence the Palestinians to oppose the Islamic groups that have seized much of Iraq and Syria and are now a serious threat to American interests.

  11. realistic,

    If Obama shouldn’t care as Americans are killed in Israel, why does he care if Israel will wipe off Hamas of the map?! Why does he “demand” Israel to negotiate with Hamas and allow them to fire rockets from the West Bank? Why does he denounce Israel when it permits a porch extension in Jerusalem?

    Because he hates Israel, all its inhabitants and its supporters!

  12. We have the Shoah to mourn. Other people do not. Jews are killed simply because they are Jews. We have to stand up for ourselves, with Hashems help of course.
    Any bomb that lands in Sderot or ashkelon should be answered immediately with fierceness. Not ignored.
    Let the enemy know that if they start up with Jews, they will be reckoned with.
    The only safe Israel is a strong israel.

  13. @realistic100

    Please be realistic…
    True that Obama doesn’t have to say anything since he is the president of the USA. However…..
    a) One of the boys is an American citizen.
    b) Obama received a Noble Peace Prize for his “work” in willing to try to work out the Israel-PA problem.
    c) The U.S. condems any building of “porches” in Judea and Samaria, because I guess Obama is very “busy” with other things.

  14. #7–

    What naivete! This president has backtracked more times than we can count on what he has said many times. Does “If you like your doctor and your insurance, you can keep them” set off any bells in your head?

  15. hockintherock: The US needs Arab support because of the situation in Iraq/Syria, which is basically a three sided (at least) war between the Shiites, the relatively secular pro-western Muslims, and the “fanatics” which includes Al Queda. The US feels that alienating Hamas and the PLO (a.k.a. Palestinian government) isn’t in our interests.

    Even in Nigeria, where the numbers are outrageous (not to mention they are being kidnapped to be slaves for purposes we don’t discuss in public), and there is no one local to risk alienating – all Obama said was “naughty, naughty”.

    He also betrayed Ukraine which gave up nuclear weapons in return for an American guarantee of its borders.

    At least give Obama credit, he’s consistent.

  16. akup: The difference between this and Nigeria is that if Nigeria were to try to eradicate Boko Haram, Obama wouldn’t have a problem with it. But let Israel try to eradicate Hamas, and there’d be hell to pay.

  17. arisona: “We are chachomim in the beis medrash and am ha’haartzim, no, chamorim, in the polling booths.”

    FYI, chachomim in the beis medrash did not vote for Obama. The liberal Jews did. They vote donkey (democratic party). Add to the list charliehall. He boasted to have voted 2x for Obama.

  18. #7 -The caliphate is coming to a Christian Country near you . Muslim Payback to the Christian Crusaders will make the murders of these unfortunate boys, look like a walk in the park.

  19. The following is an article from the Weekly Standard:

    Here is what bias against Israel looks like. Three Israeli teenagers are abducted by the terrorist group Hamas, and after a desperate weeks-long search for the boys, they are finally found—dead in shallow graves near the site of the abduction. While all this is happening, Hamas instigates a new round of missile attacks from Gaza, firing 56 rockets at southern Israeli communities. The Obama administration’s response? Express sympathy but call on Israel to refrain from responding.

    Moments after the news broke today that the bodies of the teenagers had been found, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the U.S. was “urging restraint”—that is, urging Israel not to respond to the murder of its citizens.

    Likewise the president’s condolence statement concluded with an admonition that “all parties refrain from steps that could further destabilize the situation.” Make no mistake—this is not a call on “all parties.” It is a call directly to Israel, as Hamas already acted to “destabilize the situation” by abducting and murdering three teenagers and it continues to “destabilize the situation” by launching dozens of rockets a day at Israel, including 16 this morning. Throughout this rocket campaign Obama issued no statements calling on Hamas to stop “destabilizing the situation.” Hamas is prosecuting a multifaceted terror offensive—and Obama’s position is to call on Israel not to respond, on the grounds that that would be “destabilizing.”

    The murder of the teens and the rocket fire from Gaza are, of course, entirely the fault of Hamas. But it would be taking too narrow a view of the situation not to consider the way over the past five years the Obama administration has shaped the environment in which these events are unfolding.

    A few examples: Israeli intelligence believes the Hamas cell that carried out the abduction was run by a Hamas leader who lives openly in Turkey. The Erdogan regime has, of course, made Turkey a comfortable haven for anti-Israel terrorists, allowing weapons smuggling to Hezbollah, staging the terror flotilla to Gaza in 2010, hosting (and feting) Hamas leaders, and so on. Obama’s protest? None. In fact, a few years ago Obama said that Erdogan was his favorite Middle East leader, and Obama over the years has offered nothing but lavish public praise for Erdogan.

    Another example: The Obama administration has consistently adopted policies whose effect is to make Hamas rule in Gaza easier. One of the first foreign policy moves the administration made—you can read all about it in Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices, where she writes earnestly and proudly about her involvement—was to pressure Israel to weaken its blockade on Gaza after Operation Cast Lead, the short war that ended days before Obama’s inauguration in 2009. Every dollar of aid provided to Gaza is a dollar freed up for Hamas to spend on terrorizing Israelis—and the Obama administration for five years has been insistent on Gaza receiving substantial aid, and Israel relaxing its blockade. Clinton and Obama pushed through another loosening of the Gaza blockade after Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012.

    Yet another example: The Obama administration, including Secretaries Clinton and Kerry, has always insisted that the U.S. taxpayer should continue funding the Palestinian Authority even if it forms a “unity government” with Hamas, which after many years of trying was finally consummated last month. The Obama administration even coached the Palestinians on how to organize the new unity government so that the administration would be able to claim that it does not violate a 2006 law forbidding the funding of exactly such a PA (instead of Hamas terrorists receiving ministerial positions in the Palestinian Authority, there are Hamas-approved “technocrats” occupying the ministries—i.e., cutouts who do the bidding of Hamas).

    And thus, with Hamas and Fatah joined in an Obama-approved unity government that will continue receiving hundreds of millions of dollars a year in U.S. funding, we arrive at the events of the past three weeks—the increased rocket fire, the abduction and murder of the teenagers, and, of course, the administration’s admonition that Israel not respond to events the administration itself has played a role in bringing about.

    And all the while the Obama administration insists on its “unshakable commitment to Israel’s security,” a phrase invoked with repetitive meaninglessness. The most important part of that commitment is being a source of moral clarity on days like today, and treating an ally like an ally, instead of a problem that must be contained. The administration has failed on both counts.

  20. To #7 – he’s not a Muslim, he stated so many times?????

    By that twisted logic, Hamas is not a terrorist organization. That witch Zoabi said so.

    Can we have a reality check here?