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MAILBAG: My Idea On How To Pay Back Hamas For Killing The 3 Innocent Yeshiva Boys

ywnlnDear YWN,

I am outraged, as is everyone else, upon hearing the tragic news, that the three kidnapped yeshiva boys – Naftali Fraenkel Gil-ad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach, HY”D – were found dead.

A few moments ago, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said “Hamas is responsible, and they will pay”. I agree, and I propose the following idea for the Israeli Government, and the public at large.

If Israel gave 1027 live terrorists for one live soldier (Gilad Shalit), it’s only fair that Israel should give them back 3081 dead terrorists for the three murdered Israelis.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts, and I look forward to your comments,

Josh Klart – Brooklyn

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.



29 Responses

  1. In Parshas Chukas, we learn how we should deal with an enemy that takes captives (and that was one non-jewish shifcha!)… But I think merely instating the death penalty for convicted terrorists would be a start. sure would cut down on prisoner exchanges, wouldn’t it?

  2. The best response to these savages is to do the one thing they absolutely cannot stand…BUILD, BUILD, and continue to BUILD more Jewish settlements and homes.
    They may choose to destroy, we should choose to build.
    VaHashem Yinkom Damam.

  3. Pay hamas??? We believing Jews know this was a decree from Hashem! Paying back hamas is missing the boat!! We must do teshuva and BEG HASHEM TO BRING MOSHIACH (not beg bibbi to punish hamas)

  4. The lesson that we need to learn from this tragedy is that we need to increase kedusha in the world in order to increase Hashem’s presence among us and His devine protection. We can increase kedusha by stopping the toeiva parades and increase shabos and other mitzvah observance. We need to talk to Hashem and ask for His help.

  5. I find Josh’s proposal novel, and I totally agree with it. I would also put “palestian” areas on lockdown with no power or water until the murderers are turned over
    As for Gaza, next missle launched into Israel, the response should be hundreds of Israeli bombs all over Gaza
    This procedure to be repeated as long as necessary

  6. Its time for America to get involved and help isreal yes isreal needs help I dont care who they are they can’t do it alone they need to do a full wipe out , enough is enough it got out of hand and they will do it again next week if some thing dosnt happen asap and somthing like really somthing not just killing a leader in Hamas bec that ain’t helping

  7. 3081 dead Arabs = minimum 30,810 more terrorists.

    I hate to insult people, but I didn’t see any “thought” posted here, just an impulsive comment.

    I like # 5 comment.

    In a sober thought, you realize that there is really no solution to the ongoing problem. The fact that there are more than 4,000,000 people there, without identity, without citizenship, without any determination into their future, will never fade away. Anyone who thinks otherwise, or believes that killing more Arabs would somehow help a drop, haven’t studied any history, and lives in a bubble.

    Some people might jump on my comment. But my point isn’t that these actions are in some way right. My comment is directed towards the people who fall into panic, and make suggestions like this guy. Just calm down and analyse the problem, it won’t be solved by wishful thinking.

  8. Many expressing emotions, helps to relieve internal tension. But also good to remember that Bibi is still after all “the ultimate wimp”. When Ovomit says just like it did the last time Israel was posed to hit Gaza, Bibi now do as told, roll over, good boy, what will Bibi do, stand up and be a man? Don’t count on it. The dog still wages its Bibi, not the other way around.

  9. to mr aryehw how about the tznius level in boro park and in flatbush which is a disaster and almost not kept at all. maybe we should all improve in that area

  10. To#5″ a good Jew says”:you claim to be a good Jew?One of the Mitzvas from the Torah is to eras Hmalack ,beni Yesroel went to war while Moshe rabenu was alive ,Yeshua ben nun went to war to enter eretz Yisroel .Shalomo hamaleh said “their is time for war….” .I guess YOU know better then everyone listed above .

  11. #10: The problem is the Arabs, whether disenfranchised or not. They’re waging war against us, and was has to be properly waged. You don’t put a bunch of enemy soldiers in jail. You fight the enemy until they surrender or are killed. In a conventional war, the entire opposing army is fair game. In a terrorist war, the entire opposing terrorist nation is fair game.

  12. To # 8

    My thought, it’s time for America to get involved and send me a check every week, since I don’t have parnasa.

    It obviously not going to happen, since I’m only one of more than 300 Million people in the US.

    So is Israel only one of 200 countries in the world, and the US has many more obligations, and your wishful thinking won’t help you.

    The US is helping Israel more than what they would be expected to do. But it’s never enough for people like you.

    Do you know that nearly every single expensive airplane ( F-15, F-16, F-35, C-130, KC-130, AH-64, CH-53, UH-60 and more) were donated by the United States. Many ground weapons were funded by the US. Iron Dome and David’s Sling, were funded by the US.

    What more do you expect the US to do?

  13. # 12

    So do you believe that terrorist action justifies killing civilians?

    How many terrorist acts does it require.

    Would Goldstein Shooting in Hebron justify their cause killing Israeli’s according to your logic?

  14. Verizon!! you know for sure they are amalek? maybe they are yishmael who has the hate because they were kicked out if the house. As R Hunter said after being hijacked. He saw the hate

  15. TRANSFER-a-TERRORIST should be the newest organization and funds can be raised by CAIR & Islamic groups.

    STOP $$$$$$ payments to terrorists in Israeli Jails and treat them like indicted criminals not like teenagers with special canteen, educational and family privileges. Stop our tax dollars from going to Terrorism…

  16. #16 Just like there were no INNOCENT GERMANS who lived a mile away from Aushvitz, no one in this ARAB village is an innocent bystander.

    What are civilians? Arabs who don’t have guns or fund for terror attacks or cant find rocks to throw? Please describe an INNOCENT ARAB CIVILIAN – curious!?!?!?

  17. realistic,

    It is your liberal ideology that is resulting in impulsive comments from your part. Comapre the aftermath of Operation Defensive Shield and the results on Obama’s appeasement to the radical Muslims. The former was credited with ending the Second Intifada, while the latter created the havoc that is in the Middle East.

  18. We are all hurt. We want to do something. But everything said so far is childish.
    No civilized nation will kill just for vengeance sake – especially not Jews.
    The US will not help Israel destroy Hamas or any Arab entity. Neither will Europe and the rest. All you will get from them is increased anti-semitism and anti-Israel talk.
    Actually, even Israel will not hold back on the funds they transfer to the PA continually – even though the should and could.
    So what can WE do??
    #5 says daven for Mosiach. Great – maskim.
    But there is something we can do immediately that will surely have profound immediate effects – we can start giving our Shuls the proper respect that it and the Ribbono Shel Olam deserve.
    STOP talking in Shul.
    STOP looking at those cellphones in Shul (surely not to talk on them or let them ring).
    THEN our davening and tefillos will be able to go up to the Kisai HaKovod and be answered – and yes – bring Moshiach.
    PLEASE evryone join now – so that we may never again hear such news – only simchos. Amen.

  19. I find NAT to be the most realistic person here

    I also feel kill All the Arabs, yes Mr. REalistic they are all terrorists! And your cold hearted ideas comes through .

    However I realize that it won’t happen until moshiach comes !!!!

    So NAT had the best idea, stop talking in Shul. The Tosfos yom Tov said that Tach V’tat came about that Yidden talked in shul. And the Derbertzin said that on WWII.

    We need to beg Hashem to take us out I this bitter golus!

  20. All of these mindless rants by armchair generals about collective punishment, killing thousands of “terrorists” (assuming we could even identify who is a real terrorist) or those armchair prophets who blame this tragdy on the lack of tzinius or stores staying open on Shabbos are simply contributing to the hysteria that will only bring more tzoros to the klal. Let us take our time and strike when and where it will have the greatest impact with the least risk to EY. May hashem bring comfort to the families of the three kedoshim

  21. In my view all of us instead of playing guessing games on reasons why Hashem punished all of us כלל ישראל by this horrific tragedy, we should all look ourselves in the mirror and fix Ourselves 🆚 coming out and saying all the negative things about us. By fixing ourselves First the world will become a better place and we will be so much closer to Hashem and we kno what that brings.

    We witnessed this tremendous international unity at this unthinkable tragedy, let’s embrace ourselves and do Jewish people did after all the tragedies we went through.

    Let’s continue to do good deeds in their name. They weren’t זוכה לזרע של קיימא so this becomes our duty to have them in our minds do good deeds in their name and pray for their parents who were a true Jewish soldiers each individually through this, families and our kids Hashem should give us strength to overcome this tragedy.

  22. Expel them all. Peace? Yeah. Our own peace comes before anything and everything.

    When they remotely begin to act like humans, then they can be treated as such.

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