Mother of Edan Atias HYD: No Mercy for the Terrorists


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iAn IDF military court on Monday, 2 Tammuz addressed sentencing for the 16-year-old terrorist from Jenin who murdered IDF soldier Edan Atias. The 19-year-old soldier was brutally stabbed repeatedly while on a bus in the Afula Bus Station about six months ago.

His mother, Elya Atias presented a letter to the court, asking the military judges not to show the murderer any mercy.

The prosecution is seeking life imprisonment while the defense attorney is asking for leniency due to the murderer’s young age. A sentencing hearing date has been set.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. She is right no mercy who cares how old the terrorist is. No mercy they deserve no mercy. They should not have any rights.
    That it! Israel wake up these are not people of negotiation we are dealing with demons

  2. <>
    Wow! That is all the more reason to come down harder on him- he has too many years to still live and kill more innocent Israelis when he is released…. Life imprisonment with no options of ever getting out, or better, death.