Satmar Chasidim Criticize Reb Aron’s Remarks as ‘Terribly Wrong’


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satFollowers of Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum have come out strongly in response to remarks made yesterday by Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum, who blamed the parents of the three murdered Israeli teens for their son’s death, saying that those who choose to live in the Israeli settlements are putting their family’s lives at risk.

Thousands of followers of Reb Zalman Leib were stunned by the remarks made yesterday in Kiryas Joel, saying that invoking the name of the Satmar Rebbe, Reb Yoel ZATZAL, to support those statements was an embarrassment to the late Rebbe.

“Reb Yoel was compassionate and had mercy on every human being and always felt in the pain of others, even those from other backgrounds. He would always try to help out any Jew whenever he was asked. How is it possible to say to someone so recently bereaved that they are guilty of murder? Even if those remarks were correct, who gave Reb Aron permission to speak like this during such a painful time?”

“The Rebbe would have never sanctioned something like this,” remarked one elder Satmar chosid who learned in the Rebbe’s yeshiva before the Holocaust. “He was known to daven constantly for Jews to be saved from their pain and heartache.”

It is well known Reb Yoel led a lengthy campaign against the Zionist movement after the Six Day War and that he spoke numerous times against those who said that G-d had performed miracles for the Zionists.

“How is it possible to rejoice at this time and to say that miracles occurred?” said Reb Yoel during one of famous speeches. “Who knows how many Jews died during this war, how many widows and orphans will be left behind? How can we be happy under circumstances like these?”

Many Satmar chasidim confirmed that the Rebbe’s compassion caused him to worry about the welfare of every Jew, no matter where they lived or what their religious affiliation and the Rebbe often proclaimed, “A Jew remains a Jew forever.”

“It is true that the Rebbe blamed the Zionists and the Israeli government for provoking the ire of the Arabs, placing Jews in the holy land in terrible danger, something that was clarified in the Rebbe’s writings. But to say that innocent Jews, who keep the Torah, observe its mitzvos and who are still sitting shiva for their children, that they are guilty of their childrens’ deaths? That is terribly wrong.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “remarked one elder Satmar chosid who learned in the Rebbe’s yeshiva before the Holocaust.”

    Wow, this unnamed person must be over 100 years old. Not bad.

  2. I commend those Satmar Chasidim that Criticize Reb Aron’s Remarks as ‘Terribly Wrong”. This is not a political agenda nor should public figure express his own views which should remain private as to respect the memory of those boys and to sympathetic to those that are still sitting shiva for their children. We need to stand united as a nation without any indifference to our own religious affiliations.

  3. there are currently about 100,000 chareidim between beitar illit and kiryat sefer that live “on the wrong side of the green line”. I wonder what message the esteemed rebbe has for them. or is it only the Jews of the Gush who are guilty of “murder”.

  4. These chasidim who spoke out are not satmar that follow this rebbe its followers of the other satmar rebbe…read it again…they arent coming out because they dont agree with their rebbe theyre coming out against a rebbe they are already against

  5. I hate to tell you, but there are many in R’Aron’s camp who are very upset by their Rebbe’s drasha.

    Many of these Chasidim work with people who are confronting them about this speech, and the majority are not even trying to defend it.

    Realistically, what can one say?

  6. RabbiYoni:

    “Finally, some sanity in their camp.”

    There are TWO camps.

    Two very separate camps – thanks to their different leaders.

    One would never suspect that these brothers were born to the same mother and father.

  7. rkefrat he didn’t say you not aloud to live outside the green lines he said not to live in dangerous areas it’s סכנות נפשות so kiryat sefer ect is not a problem.

  8. But lets not forget that we all agree that anyone who is mekabel this sad
    Headlines is oyver of loy seilech rochil beamechu and talmud chochom sheovar aveire al teharer acharov but instead of focusing on every yids duty to work on our relation with hashem we jump on this kind of news and will be busy the next 2 weeks arguing jocking etc…
    Such fun!! Ad mossay?

  9. to nr 3, “Climbing”
    We have enough enemies in the holy land we aren’t looking to make new ones.

  10. IMHO this commnent was meant to be internal to his chassidim only.Ch”V that any intention was meant to post it publicly.

  11. I find these comments blaming the parents for the death of their children appalling! How could anyone say such a thing! And to say (shragabs)that the “comment was meant to be internal to his chassisim only” is no excuse – to say it to anyone is terrible. This was a tragedy done by terrorists – Arabs – don’t blame Jews – the rest of the world does that enough.

  12. This is just posturing for each brother to score points against each other. If Reb Z.L. would have said that the parents were guilty, Reb Aharon would have said it is a terrible thing to say !
    Still, do not understand what made Reb Aharon say this now. I thought he was a better politician. Maybe he needs to score points with the kanoim.
    Who knows ? but one thing is sure: there is very little l’shem shmayaim going on here ! Maybe they should slug it out in secular court

  13. I dont understand how yidden and this website can be spreading loshon hora on a talmid chacham! It makes no difference if hes wrong or right we are playing with fire “hamivaza t”c ayn lo chailek l’olam haba” .

  14. to #1″Not getting involved”

    Its possible, one of the Rosh Yeshivas at YU learned by the Chofetz Chaim and in the Mir in Europe and Shanghai, and he is 104. It’s possible. And the person could be younger. Satmar was under Hungarian control during the war. Horthy, the dictator, didn’t allow the Germans to deport the jews until they overthrew him in 1944, he also allowed Yeshivos to operate until 1944. Satmar allowed students as young as 14 to study by the rebbe at the time. So if he studies there at 14 in 1944, it is even more possible

  15. The Rebbe’s words were not meant to be publicized online and certainly not to the bereaved parents. The Rebbe’s remarks were meant to educate his talmidim of what is right and wrong. We can state with certainty that the vast majority of klal Yisroel with its leaders agree that it is wrong to live in such a dangerous area. So the anger here is with the publicity which the Rebbe didn’t do . The web sites publicized .They hurt the parents Direct your anger to them

  16. The insane practice of dangerous hitchhiking in areas that are filled with terrorists must stop.

    There are many in the settler camp that feel that we own the land and can go wherever we want without limitation. This is simply entering a makom sakana without any due regard for safety.

    Guidelines for safe travel need to be publicized and used.

  17. By the way, I wonder how did U react the day after stark’s murder when the media said “who did not want to kill him” didnt U feel good with that sentence that those “frumers” are a bunch of mafiosis. Did U feel the pain of his family? Did u revolt? Did u right anything on any blog how outraged You where? Wasnt he jewish too? Did the shtreimel disturb u?

  18. I don’t understand this Tzadik.(AHRONI)
    The Yeshiva Bachurim don’t go to
    the Army because they protect the
    country with the Toireh they learn. We
    need Yeshivos in the
    Shetachim to protect the settlers.
    The settlers are protected because of the Yeshivos.
    Maybe only Satmerer Yeshivos can
    protect the TZIYOINIM.

  19. To kveens yid:
    I hear you.

    Stam, out of curiosity, which RY of YU learnt by the Chofetz Chaim & the Mir? I know Rav Scheinberg ZT”L saw the Chafetz Chaim & learnt in the Mir. He was niftar a few years ago at 101+.

  20. Its heart warming to observe how achdus is expandig by klal yisroel BH. Who would have thought just 3 days ago that former advesaries like Satmar williamsburgh and rav Aviner shlita dati leumi can ever see eye to eye on an issue like this . Hopefully it will continue and expand.

  21. It’s not the parents fault, nor even the fault of putting yeshivos in the West Bank. It’s the zionists (the government) fault for starting and continuing a war with Arabs. To the Arabs, new settlements founded since 1967 are no different than the older settlements founded before 1947 (such as Tel Aviv) — and what they really object to isn’t Jews living in Eretz Yisrael, but to Jews running the government and turning the Arabs into outsiders in their own country.

  22. How about we stop the comments on this post, and read the beautiful article that a Gerrer woman wrote that is posted on this site? Let’s be part of the solution, not the problem! Good Shabbos to all!

  23. from this post i only see what i tough,, not the words bothering you ITS WHO SAID IT…. the same group of people who got angry that in kj there is sings for men and woman to go on different sides of sidewalk..

    take note!! by this group zalonim/tziyonim no matter what the Rebe will say no matter what he will do it will be bad!!

  24. these Zalman Leib Chassidim really agree with him-its that their hatred for r’ Aaron compels them to condemn his remarks

  25. hi every one : the satmar rabbi need no promision from no one to talk for his yeshive bucherem what he thinks is the satmar shite and when he thinks its the right time and if one don`t like it dont except it and don`t listen to it

  26. There is an article being circulated now written by Rabbi Shay Schachter from the White Shul in Far Rockaway. He was sent as a shaliach from his shul to represent all the shul members to be menachem avel the three families. Here is an excerpt from his article. Let’s end all the comments on this posting with this beautiful true story…

    “So the stewardess proceeds to make an announcement in tears, to a plane filled almost to capacity with Birthright groups; “Rabotai! We have on our plane, a shliach Mitzvah! Come meet a Rabbi who was sent by his Kehillah to perform the great mitzvah of nichum aveilim, for those whom they feel are their own brothers and sisters! Our plane is safe because we have a shaliach mitzvah on board with us!”

    This led to a whole pandemonium, and after I finally got to sit down again, the young man next to me informs me that he is 26 years old, from Seattle Washington; he works in a national zoo, and is going to Israel for his first time.

    He then proceeds to tell me that he was so inspired by our kehillah, and that he would like to borrow my Tallis to do a mitzvah that he has not done since his Bar mitzvah celebration (at age 16) in memory of the three precious neshamos.

    I gladly gave him my tallis and then proceeded to ask him if he knew how to recite a bracha. He said “sure I do”, and went on to take out a small piece of paper from his pocket, and recited the “Tefillas Haderech”. This was the one and only Hebrew Bracha that he was familiar with, so he decided to recite it as well on the Tallis.

    He then asked to borrow my Tefillin as well, which was followed by a long conversation with the other members of the plane, who were all taking pictures of this highly unusual scene.

    But that wasn’t it; after a few minutes he turns to me and says “Rabbi, I am so inspired, but in Seattle Washington we don’t have these boxes. But I want to continue to do something special for these three precious souls, even after I return home. So what would you suggest I do?”

    I was in complete shock, and overwhelmed with emotion, so the Satmar Chassid in the next row turns to this tattood and pierced young man and says, “Sweet Jew, if you promise me you will try and wear these Tefillin each and every day, I promise I will have a pair sent by FedEx to your home in Seattle Washington by the time you get back from Israel!” They then exchanged phone numbers and information, and the deal was done.”

  27. Plain guy, it was most definitely MEANT to be publicized!!!!

    It was recorded and put on both their hotline and their (tuma’dig?) twitter site.

    Most other Rebbes do not have hotlines for their speeches, so they have the luxury of curtailing any damage their words might have caused. (they would not be uttering such words, anyway.)

    Your attempt at face-saving damage control cannot obliterate the reaction of most Yidden to the pain-inflicting and untimely drasha of a manhig of so many chasidim!

  28. Budapester:

    Read the editorial carefully! Nothing was written about R’Zalmen Leib’s reaction – the article is about the chasidim’s reaction. He, as usual, would never comment.

    You may not like the Williamsburg Satmar Rebbe, but one thing is certain – you will not be able to produce one speech in which he denigrated another Rebbe or disparaged a fellow Yid.

    That’s a fact!!!!

  29. What’s with all the fighting?
    Don’t you see the hands of the yetzer hora at work here.
    We had so much achdus before this. Now he tore it apart.

    Focus on what’s important. Achdus.

  30. #28 – What bothered the arabs about the Yeshiva bochrim learning in Hebron in 1927? They knew that 20 years later there would be a Jewish state?

  31. to 26 Not getting involved;

    Rabbi Gershon Yankelewitz, he became a Rosh Yeshiva at YU in 1954, and still gives shuir. I had the privilege of meeting him a few times, to hear him talking about the alteheim and learning in the Mir before the war and in Shanghai, as well of his time in Radin, is one amazing experience. When you meet him, you realize you are looking at someone who has experienced things and met people, and learned by people so great, you can’t even imagine.

  32. Here he goes again. Akuperma, the spokesman for neturei karta ywn. He’s blaming the jews for arab treachery. It wont help you to distort and rewrite history to fit with your phony hashkofo. Besides the fact that your hashkofo is out of sync with reality, it is also blatantly against halacha.
    Let’s start with the facts. The government did not start any wars and nor do they go looking for them. Israel is faced with aggressive neighbors from all sides and has only engaged in defensive wars. Even when israel took preemptive actions, the goals were defense, and not conquest. That includes the 6 day war. Your logic that the arabs dont mind jews living in Israel, just object to living under isreali rule is so ludicrous, that I dont know whether that warrants a response. Do arab objections make them right? Do arab objections justify terrorism? You are right about one thing. Its not about the 1967 borders. They want us out from the entire land of eretz yisroel. And because they want us out , maybe your friends in meoh shearim, should leave to satisfy arab objections.
    As for the torah part, eretz yisroel belongs to the Jews . See first rashi in bereishis. As for going to war, this is a clear din in shulchon oruch oirach chaim simon 329 that it is an obligation to defend the land.
    Stop justifying jewish murder. The only ones who are worse than the zionists are the neturei karta who openly support the enemies of the jews.

  33. please note Reb aaron does not use the term kedoshim for these boys nor hashem yinkom domom–that would go against his ideology !!!

  34. Why is Akuperma promoting Hamas propaganda? It was the Arabs who invaded Israel on May 15, 1948. Had it not been for the Haganah another 600,000 Jews would have been murdered.

    Eretz Yisrael is OUR country. We all need to reread Rashi to the first verse in the Torah.