Satmar Rebbe Of Kiryas Yoel: It’s Their Fault for Living in the Territories!


satmA day following the levayas of the kedoshim in Eretz Yisrael, Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Yifrach HY”D, the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel addressed their murders in a shiur given in the Heichal Yeshiva Gedola in Kiryas Yoel.

The rebbe’s tone is clearly solemn, not condemnatory but a pained tone. He quotes David HaMelech saying שקר שנאתי ואתעבה, expressing his need to address the murders R”L of the three boys “Hashem Yerachem”. The rebbe continues, quoting וירב בבת יהודה תאניה ואניה. He adds that when tragedy strikes Eretz Yisrael, HKBH is pained and sorrowed by the sorrow of Yisrael as is Klall Yisrael. “Every Jewish heart is pained and in mourning over the tzoros of Yisrael, mourning the victims and H’ says enough”. He explains that many will be Menachem aveil including people who never met the boys or the families because the pain is the pain of the entire nation. “Every Jew must mourn when an event such as this occurs”.

The rebbe points out that despite the pain and suffering, one is compelled to view the events in a broader perspective, with eyes opened wide to true Torah knowledge”.

The rebbe cited how the parents were maspid the kedoshim and he feels they should not have but they should do teshuvah and recite viduy with tears, to recite ‘אשמנו בגדנו, ועל חטא’. “They should beat their hearts with the realization they have a part in this”.

“Who permitted them to go there [to live] among these known murderers? Living in this mokom sakona. Is there a lack of space for one to live and study in Eretz Yisrael of only in the animal cage? Is there no other place to open a yeshiva to learn other than Hebron? Who permitted them to enter the area with their sons and daughters, into the lion’s den, to make their lives and those of their loved ones hefker? It is all because of the yetzer hora and the lust called “Shleimus Haaretz and Zionism mehadrin min hamehadrin”.

“We are compelled to say with pain the parents are to blame – they caused the murders of their sons and they must return and do teshuvah”.

The rebbe continued, addressing the reports of a body of an Arab teen found in the Jerusalem Forest. At the time of his shiur, there were fears the murder was an act of revenge by Jews and the rebbe points out that there is a possibility he was murdered by Jews. The rebbe said that Jews around the world are placed in danger due to possible retaliatory attacks by Arabs H’ Yerachem. “We are in galus already for 2,000 years and during that entire period of the longer bitter galus; thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and many millions of Jewish children have been murdered. However Jews were among the murdered and not the murderers and that was our beauty throughout the galus”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Lets see: Jews are being murder near Hebron, because they happened to live near Hebron, Jews are being murdered in Brussels because they happened to be in Brussels, Jews are being murdered in Toulouse France because they happened to be living in Toulouse France, Jews are being murdered in Bulgaria because they happened to be there, Jews are being murdered in Mumbai India because they happened to be in Mumbai India.

    The above absurd words could not be uttered by a True Rebbe.

    BTW: is it the same Rebbe who told his hasidim to vote for Husein Obama?

  2. I’m not really sure what is news about the Satmar Rebbe’s view’s.

    The DL hold it is a mitzva to “settle” EY, Satmar hold’s whatever mitzva that may be is overridden by “Pikuach Nefesh and that the situation currently means that living in many of the shtachim is one of Pikuach Nefesh and therefore is not allowed.

    However it probably is beneficial for all those who equate Satmar as a whole with Nk to read how Reb Aaron talk’s about the arab murderer’s. He seem’s not to feel any obligation to display “political correctness’ rather calling them the animals they are.

  3. YWN Please change title instantly, you are spreading hatred among klal yisrael with this heading as he did not say that!! read your article again if unsure. something like, Satmar Rebbe: why are they living in lions den? would sound more like it.

  4. The thefts, assaults, attacks that Satmar Chassidim are subjected to is due to the CAUSE of living in Williamsburg, a Jewish enclave in a black area.

    When your entire agenda is ANTI-TZIONI, anything said, uttered or acted upon is tainted with HATE!!!

  5. It is unfortunate that those who should be seeking Achdus in Klal Yisroel continues to instead spread division and strife.As someone who does not live in Eretz Yiroel, I do not believe that you should tell others where they should live, particularly if they are not your sheep.

    We pray for Moshiach all day every day yet instead of bringing us together you repeatedly drive us apart.

    Please in all respect, rethink your thinking.

  6. *****NEWSFLASH*****

    Keep in mind that this same Rebbe, may he live a long life, should also do teshuva and klap al cheit with the yom kippur niggun….for he has taken his brother to a NON JEWISH COURT.

    What about THAT?

    And please, don’t start with the “oh – Satmar does more chesed than anyone else in the world blah blah ablah…”

    What the Rebbe said is disgusting, and klal yisroel should demand an apology!

  7. 18, the truth hurts.

    Besides, guess it takes a ferd to know one, FERD.

    And YOU out of all people, constantly yelling and screaming with filthy language on YWN about anything the “libs and Obama does etc etc. You have no normalcy in any of your comments.

    Never once spoken in a soft tone.

    You are a hater. This is a known fact on YWN.

  8. I thought YWN would have the brains not to publish everything, especially news that causes Lashon Hora and Hatred like all above comments.

    Do you have a Rabbi you ask before you publish articles????
    How can you call yourself Yeshiva without a Mentor guiding you?

  9. Dear rebbe, before you go up bashing the parents for living in the pa areas, get the facts straight first. The parents of the boys never lived in Chevron, the yeshiva is located in Chevron. The parents and the boys who were returning home all live in central Israel, one in talmon, nof ayalon, and elad, all three more to the north, nowhere near Chevron. Get your facts straight before blaming the parents.

  10. This is pure sinas chinam at a time of shiva.Let him get on a plane and be menachem avel and do it NOW. He should seek mechilah from ALL three families.Let hin NOT go when they seek money. “Nestor leshoncha mayraw.”

  11. I disagree. The Arabs would have attacked them anywhere in Eretz Yisrael, if the opportunity arose. The fault lies in the zionist policy of subjugating the Arabs, which to the Arabs makes no difference whether they are in “settlements” in Gush Etzion or Gush Dan.

    If the Jews in Israel had not taken control of the government from the Muslims, by force and without their consent, this problem would not exist. While the left-wing secular think there is a difference between territories seized prior to 1947, or between 1947-1949, or in 1967 — the Arabs don’t think so.

    He should read his great-uncle’s book and look at some of what the Arabs say (when they aren’t talking to Mr. Kerry).

  12. I guess the Rebbe would not approve of 100,000 chareidim living in Beitar Illit and Kiryat Sefer, also over the green line

    The Satmar Rebbe really means only one of the three, specifically the Frankels.
    With all due respect and pain I share with the Frankels…
    This wonderful family are in fact RELATED to the Satmar Rebbe shlita.
    They are “rebbishe einiklach” including the SATMAR dynasty!
    Their father visited the Satmar Rebbe zt”l (Beirach Moishe) and the families know each other personally.
    The Satmar Rebbe zt”l advised AGAINST moving FROM Brooklyn to West Back cities. He told him if they want kedusha they can find it in Yerushalyim or Bnei Brak.
    This is what PAINS the Rebbe Shlita. I am ceratin he has nothing against the parents of the other 2 kedoishim.
    (The Frankel uncle was interviewed on Kol Mevaser and he explained their relationship to the “Heilige Satmar Rebbe”! (his words))
    Hamokem yenachem all aveilim of klal yisroel.

  14. What defines an intelligent person is having the common sense and decency to know what to say, and how and when to say it.This man is a KNUCKLEHEAD in admores clothing. What a chillul Hashem that so many misguided Jews look up to him as a spiritual leader.

  15. The “Rebbe’s” comments stated in this article (definitely not my rebbe) are exactly why Jews go off the derech. Hypocrite spewing stupidity such as the parents should do teshuva.(I love how people say this is a ture Torah perspective). These words divide our people and do nothing to bring Jews together. The only line I agree with is the last line in the entire article.

  16. The Satmar Rebbe does have a point. One should not live in an area that is a makom sakanah. However, Satmar Rebbe, do you think this is the ‘time’ and ‘place’ to ‘speak’ about it?! Where are your feelings of compassion for another Jew?!
    Imagine if it were YOUR CHILD THAT WAS MURDERED! Why you seek to find the negative instead of the positive (i.e klal yisrael united)

  17. First of all to ywn publisher why can’t you make a prophet tittle to this article he didn’t they are a fault but you shouldn’t put your life in a סכנה if you don’t have to, and second of all I read all the comments I don’t get people they add salt and pepper to what he said and didn’t say and then comment on that, more and more chardi people on the world understand the satmar way (don’t mean not going to the kosel ect) I mean the idea, and that is not as extreme as people thought it was 30 years ago, with whats going on with the גיות בני ישיבות ect he said these think will happen and people though he doesn’t know what he was saying now people understand him.

  18. #23 & #28 Instead of everyone sounding like the Arab News Station, let’s get some geographic info straight.

    Yeshiva Mekor Chaim is located in the Gush ETZION block in the Yishuv of Kibbutz Kfar Etzion. Kfar Etzion was first inhabited by Charedi Jews from Yeman in the 1920s. The area was massacred by Arabs in 1948 and was the first community to be reestablished after 1967. Presently it includes 18 yishuvim/cities & 40,000 residents with Beitar being the largest. Travel distance of 12 kilometers from Gush Etzion to Yerushalayim area where most residents work, and takes approximately 15 minutes drive to Gilo (southern most kehilla in Yerushalayim). From the Gush it is 25km to Chevron.
    The Frenkel family lives in Nof Ayalon in central Israel along side Shaalavim. The kehilla numbers 2500 plus people and was established by the Bnei Yeshiva/Kollel of Yeshivat Shaalavim. A spiritual and growth oriented community.

  19. in my opinion he is wrong the problem is he does’n understand that no matter what we will do they will kill us and hate us. and it may be that he violated the prohibition of “Ona’at Devarim” (distressing others). As the Gemara in Baba Metzia (58b) says, one may not speak to one who is suffering affliction or illness, or whose children have died, the way Iyov’s friends spoke to him: “Surely your fear was your foolishness, your hope and the sincerity of your ways” (Iyov 4:6). and as Shlomo HaMelech said sometimes its wise to stay quiet. not always do you have to say everything if i would be his chosid i would leave him with a blink of an eye ad so should everybody else

  20. The Satmar Rebbe shlit”a meant to say that if Jews do not have merits because they go against Torah, how can they live among pere adam animals?

    The Satmar Rebbe zt”l decried Zionism because it was a spiritual Holocaust where thousands and thousands of religious Jews became secular and/or intermarried while living in the Zionist state. The Zionist shita is that living in Eretz Yisrael overrides all mitzvos in the Torah.

  21. Rebbe of Karlin-Stolin attended the levayos.

    Today the Tzanz Rebbe was nichum avelim in Elad at the Yifrach family and the Belzer Rebbetzin at the Frankels. Frankly, the Satmar Rebbe is IRRELEVANT at this moment in the eyes of many.

  22. Akuperman- as expected, blaming the actions of the Arabs on the Jews. Are you not even remotely aware about the Arab behavior throughout the Middle East. Go look at what they are doing to Christians in Syria and Iraq. Did they take land from the Arabs to “justify” Arabs attacking them today? If not for a strong force (that you oppose) the Arabs would already murder and/or subjugate all Jews in Israel. Its only because of leftists and traitors that Arabs are in Israel and murder more and more Jews. G-D warns us about Ishmael and about the erev-rav among us.

  23. Dear Mr. Sitandlearn,
    You are Choshed Bekeshairim. There is a mentor. How dare you make accusations w/o knowing the facts. If you disagree with his mentors Hadracha, I have a good idea for you. Stop logging on.

  24. I saw the Satmar Rebbe on Har Hatzofim. He was there I was driving by. (I go to Kosel to daven, for some crazy reason he goes to Har Hatzofim.) At any rate, Gush Etziyon junction is just as safe as Har Hatzofim. I picked up hitchhikers there all the time. This is the way of life in Yehudah V’Shomron. In fact i pick up the same people regularly at Tzomet Giloh each time I visit. No big deal. For those of you who don’t spend time in the Gush have no idea and should withhold comment. It’s not the same as hitchhiking anywhere else in Israel or anywhere else.

  25. Perhaps all of the Jews are being murdered in Israel and around the world is because these two brothers are at war with each other and going to a secular court, against halacha. Clean up your own house before complaining about others.

  26. Satmar has a pamphlet called “Halichois V’Haluchois” where they publish Questions and Answers pertaining to the Satmar Community.
    Here is a question and answer, loosely translated from the above pamphlet:
    Question :
    “We are in an unfortunate bitter situation; 3 Bochrim were kidnapped by Arabs, and the Zionist Army are doing actions to rescue and free them. Are we allowed to daven that the Zionists should succeed to rescue the boys?
    “G-D Forbid! We are prohibited to pray that the Rashoim should succeed, and we all must know and believe that from Evil people comes Evil. From Rashoim there cannot come any good for Jewish children, and only bad tidings and tzurois came to Klall Yisroel from them ., and they are also guilty and it is totally their fault that we are in this situation!

  27. The words of arye 36 are emes veyatzev..

    “The Satmar Rebbe zt”l decried Zionism because it was a spiritual Holocaust where thousands and thousands of religious Jews became secular and/or intermarried while living in the Zionist state. The Zionist shita is that living in Eretz Yisrael overrides all mitzvos in the Torah.”

    i am from the 5 towns i have cousins from teaneck they were all frum in decent schools in usa, they ideologically did aliya and integrate fully with the medinah zionism and the idf the kids are all off the derech i was at the chasunah here of one of them and a tzenuah turned in to a perutzah in just under a few years. hashem yerachem”kol hatzoros shelanu ba’im memaaisim shelohem” kach omer hachazon ish

  28. chicago maven Eino domeh! the satmers may have a dusty room in the attic that needs cleaning, the D”L have the whole foundation of their home a mess.

  29. In response to “shlepper” #28.

    You are full of it, with your inside scoop.

    The Fraenkel family members ARE descendents of several prominent Chasidic dynasties, but they have absolutely NO personal relationship with R’Aron Teitlebaum of KJ.

    YOU know for a fact that he advised them personally not to move to the ‘shtuchim’?!? Funny thing, they never intended to and never did.

    You are trying very hard to salvage the reputation of your rebbe, and good luck to you, but this fairy tale you are spinning ain’t going to do it!!

  30. “He [the Satmar Rav] told him [Naftali’s father] if they want kedusha they can find it in Yerushalyim or Bnei Brak.”

    And do the Arabs not strike Jews in Yerushalaim when they got a chance? Remember the 8 k’doshim, talmidei Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav Kook in Yerushalaim, killed by an Arab.

    The Satmar Rav stirred the pot and now it’s getting up to the boiling point. The Arabs are attacking, they are ready to kill more. The world couldn’t care less. What HKBH is waiting for is to see ahavah and achva and reus. The Rebbe said what he said. Why did The Yeshiva World feel necessary to publish his speech?

  31. To # 50, .” The Rebbe said what he said. Why did The Yeshiva World feel necessary to publish his speech? “The reason that all true Jews need to know ,what “he” said is that every true Yid will not be silent when someone speak hate toward another Yid .Do not forget the cause of the distraction of the second beis MEKDASH ,THEY WERE SILENT.

  32. So the Satmar Rebbe express’s his pain over the tragedy that occured. He also take’s the oppurtunity to warn people from living together with what he termed “animals”. And the world goes crazy.

  33. After this terrible story everyone spoke about the unity. Look what this article has done, just look at some of the comments. A nation that was in the headlines as the “United Nation” should have this a few days after this story?!

  34. Again akuperma thinks the problem lies with israeli subjugation of the arabs. Otherwise the arabs would be a peaceful bunch, its only that they are provoked by zionist aggression. When will he begin to realize that his stupid neturei karta hashkofo is inconsistent with reality? Thank g-d that only a handful of lunatics think like him. Even reb aharon didnt repeat that stupidity. He just said that its wrong to live in a mokom sakono. He may be right about that to a degree regarding certain areas that are extremely dangerous, only because the army has pulled out and exposed the yiden to the dangers. Hes wrong about zionism lemehadrin. And there is nothing wrong with living there, mitzad yishuv ho’oretz, although certain areas may be dangerous. If he wanted to caution about safety, he should have spoken of hitchiking, and not making safety a political issue.

  35. RE: The slaughter at Merkaz Harav:
    Did you know that this same Satmar Rebbe VISITED Merkaz Harav back then and spoke how pained he was with the loss of ANY yid, regardless of the Torah view one may have.
    His personal visit to Merkaz Harav shocked/surprised many. But he did and said what he thought was right.
    In this case, the Frankels are known family to the Rebbe, and were advised against moving there from America by the late Satmar Rebbe zt”l. So, of course it hurts him.

    Back to the topic, this same SATMAR Rebbe personally visited Merkaz Harav to offer condolences, which he so eloquently did.
    Did YOU (anyone here) walk into Merkaz Harav to do the same?????

    Moderators Note: The Satmar Rebbe never walked into Merkaz HaRav in his life. Why do you feel the need to lie? He never would even look at Rav Elyashiv ZATZAL. Know why? because he was “tziyoni”. Yes. Rav Elyashiv was a Zionist according to him. Do you know that the Levaya of Rav Elyashiv received no coverage in the Satmar Rebbes newspapers? How about 800,000 Jews at the Levaya of Chacham Ovadia, and not a word in a Satmar newspaper?

    Stop trying to publish lies.

    The Belzer Rebbe (also a Zionist in satmars eyes) went to visit Merkaz Harav victims in the hospital.

  36. Mr. MODERATOR! (Ar you moderate?)
    Maybe I owe you an apology, but you definitely owe an apology to the readers on this.
    1. I owe an apology because maybe takeh that fiery drosho back then was not in Merkaz Harav. But!….
    2. You owe an apology because I am now going to quote word-for-word an article from 2008 from your competitor’s website as follows:

    Monsey , NY – This past weekend the Anti Zionist Satmar Rabbi, Rabbi Aaron Titelbaum of Kiryas Joel, NY, visited with his chasididim in Monsey NY, to raise money for new Satmar facility’s in Monsey.
    In his speech, he took a few moments to recognize, and to speak about the shooting attack on the Merkaz H’Rav Yeshiva in Jerusalem, with a sad voice the Rabbi said, “the shooting is like the burning of the Beth Hamikdosh, he continued to say “although its a modern yeshiva [most likely he meant a pro Zionist philosophy] its a very sad era for klal yisreol, that in middle of torah learning an evil ‘Rotzech’ can walk in, and spray shoot torah learning Bochrim” the Rabbi said. and he raised his voice with sadness “Tzion Bemar Tivkah, Velirushilayim Titen Kolah” “ציון במר תבכה וירושלים תתן קולה”

    The Rabbi extended a heartfelt condolences to the family who lost their loved ones, and wished for a speedy recovery for the many who still remain injured.
    So, Mr. Moderator, so much for YOUR view of the Satmar Rebbe and spreading what?
    Anyhow, the speech is what stuck in my mind (and what counts) and I truly thought (hey it was a while ago!) that it was in Merkaz Harav (probably because they way he spoke about the bochrim in the yeshiva.) I still think he visited Merkaz Harav later but Google has too much junk for me to find this article.
    If you want a link to the article I quoted I can do so.

    Moderators Note: He has never – and will never ever walk into Merkaz HaRav. His “fiery” speech is not any chiddush, and is expected on ANY Jew after 8 Yeshiva bochrim are shot dead while sitting at their gemaras.

  37. So much shtisim. The Rebbe is right. How can the parents sleep at night knowing they sent their children to learn in one of the most dangerous places for a Jew, and to allow them to hitchhike as well!? They lived in Israel proper? Surely there are enough yeahivos in Israel proper. Yes, every where is dangerous for a Yid. But where is more dangerous, random road with Arabs in the West Bank, or Bnei Brak? Point is, there are a lot safer places they could have gone.

  38. Dear Lakewooder107,
    I wasnt Choshed Biksheirim when i asked if YWN have a Rabbi checking their articles as its obvious they dont, this article is against halacha in every way, see Chafetz Chaim and others.
    Regarding your idea that i shouldn’t log in, you are absolutely right as i enjoy to sit and learn, but once in a while i want to know what is going on with our broyhers in the world, so instead of going to CNN BBC etc full of shmutz and tuma i come somewhere i thought would be safe from those, only to realize that things aren’t amazing here either although on a different level.
    Please stop spreading hatred with your website.

  39. We have all heard stories of Gedolim at Menchem aveil.

    Have you ever heard of a story where the Gadol went to the Aveil during shiva and blamed them for the passing of their loved on?

  40. 60, Read what the Chazon Ish has to say about talking lashan harah about a case like this. IT’s 100% muttar.

    Also, to those people who state that the Frankels went to the Satmar Rebbe for advice before moving to Israel, that’s a load of hogwash.

  41. A day (or so) after the kidnapping, the Yiddish telephone news, Kol Mevaser, landed an interview with the Uncle Frankel. (It sounded like the Great Uncle, Mr. Frankel’s uncle.) Note that at the time we were all still hopeful for a positive outcome, and the interview reflected that, and it was a ‘light’ shmuz.
    In the lengthy interview, Mr. Frankel details the rebbishe yichus of the family, their yichus with Satmar dynasty, their personal connection with the Satmar Rebbe’s family AND their personal private visit to the “Heilige Satmar Rebbe” [zt”l].
    Whoever wants to get more insight into the relationship of these two wonderful families, PLEASE listen to Uncle Frankel in that interview! Then you will also understand from which perspective the current Satmar Rebbe of KJ spoke like that.
    By the way, he spoke to his chassidim, and if not for YWN making a whole balagan, and innocently taking it out of context, we would have saved countless hours reading and writing these comments, not to mention the pain this article might have caused the Frankel family.