Young Israel Statement Following the Arrest of Jewish Suspects in the Murder of a Palestinian Teen


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abu“The National Council of Young Israel mourns all loss of innocent life and believes unequivocally that the murder of a young boy has absolutely no place in Israeli society. We commend the Israeli authorities for acting swiftly to apprehend the perpetrators of this terrible crime.

“While Israel condemned the murder and is taking steps to ensure that those responsible will be punished accordingly, it is troubling that the Palestinian Authority has historically named streets after murderers and glorified their terrorist acts, while Hamas celebrates violence and martyrdom. The difference between Israel’s reaction to a senseless murder and that of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is particularly striking.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Thank you YU
    But why is it always “us” who is trying to do good.
    Why is there a feeling of putting more effort to find who killed this Arab boy.
    Is the PA putting in the effort trying to find our boys killers? – no!!!
    Why the “hard line” talk from Bibi?
    Why is he not taking the appropriate action?
    There is something wrong with this
    “Unbalanced equation”

  2. Kol Hakavod for condemning the murder.

    As Jews – we don’t celebrate murders.

    The Masciach will come when just 1 Moslem cleric or

    organization condemn the murder of innocent Jews .

  3. So Ezra thinks that it’s the Muslim clerics holding back moshiach? Wow, the lubavitch are really focusing on the wrong people in the train stations….

  4. Aron and dr…woukd you like me to just repost your comments by every article or do you feel you need to repeat your useless comments word for word.