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Chicago: Anti-Jewish Leaflets Found On Cars On NW Side

cpdSeveral vehicles in the Pulaski Park neighborhood on the Northwest Side were targeted with anti-Jewish leaflets, police said.

Six vehicles were discovered with leaflets on Saturday on the 6300 block of North Monticello Avenue, said Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Jose Estrada.

The leaflets were found on the windshields of the vehicles, said Estrada.

According to residents in the area, the leaflets made threats to Jewish people in connection with the conflict in Gaza which began on July 8. The leaflets threaten violence if Israel does not pull out of Gaza, according to residents and police.

The war has left scores of Palestinians as well as more than a dozen Israeli soldiers dead.

The Chicago Police Department’s Hate Crime unit has been notified and area north detectives are investigating.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

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  1. Throw out the dirty Muslims.
    Muslims hate us.
    Obama hated us.
    The liberal left hate us.
    They hate Am Yisroel.
    They hate Hashem.
    Islam must be annhilated.

  2. When I heard about it on Shabbos, it sounded like a lot more than six cars had the signs on them. It also sounded like it wasn’t just that one block.
    I was actually talking to someone who had one of the notes on her car. She said it was so eerie and frightening.

  3. I wish you would stop saying that Obama hates us and is an anti semite and a muslim. We Jews are famous for stupidly vilifying our friends, and it rightly earns us their hatred. So Obama is not a member of the ZOA, but he’s a better friend of Israel than many Jews. What do you want from him, that he should be a better friend than Axelrod and Emanuel?

  4. Reply to kehath64:
    Islam must be annhilated, not because we seek personal revenge, rather we want כבוד שמים to be restored. WE WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO BE FILLED OUR FATHER’S KNOWLEDGE!!! TO KNOW HIM AND TO PRAISE HIS GREAT NAME!!!!!

  5. i think its ironic that people are canceling their trips to EY this summer because “its dangerous there.” As your neighbors (wherever you may be in the world) continue to threaten your lives, riot, break into your shuls and cars, and spray paint swastikas all over your neighborhoods, I’m curious how safe you feel at “home.”
    B’H no danger in outside of EY at all!!!

  6. But the zionists claim that the so called state of Israel is protecting all the jews around the world from anti-semitisem – or perhaps the opposite?!

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