DEVELOPING: Efforts To Identify ‘Missing’ IDF Soldier’s Body In ‘Ongoing’


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oronThe body of the 7th Golani soldier presumed killed in an attack early Sunday has still not been identified – or according to many reports – located. He has been named as Oron Shaul (21) from Poria. He was in an armored vehicle with six other soldiers which was struck by an anti-tank missile on Sunday.  They have all been identified, besides Oron – whose remaines have not been recovered from the scene.

On Sunday, YWN-ISRAEL  reported that Hamas claimed to have abducted an IDF soldier on Sunday. Hamas even published his name. Israel denied those reports at the time, and now say that Hamas may have simply grabbed some personal items from Oron’s body, which identified him.

The IDF says there is little chance that the soldier survived the attack.

The names of six of the Golani soldiers who were in the armored vehicle and were killed are:

Sgt. Max Steinberg, 24, from Beersheva.

– Staff Sgt. Shachar Tase, 20, from Pardesiya.

– Staff Sgt. Daniel Pomerantz, 20, from Kfar Azar.

– Sgt. Shon Mondshine, 19, from Tel Aviv.

– Sgt. Ben Oanounou, 19, from Ashdod.

– Staff Sgt. Oren Noach, 22, from Hoshaya.

The IDF released the following statement earlier:

In the early hours of Sunday, July 20, 2014, an armored vehicle carrying seven soldiers of the Golani Brigade was severely damaged in battle.

Last night, the seven families of soldiers who were involved in the incident were briefed on the circumstances of the attack.

The identification process of six of the soldiers killed has been completed and confirmed. The efforts to identify the seventh soldier are ongoing and have yet to be determined.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)



  1. But we’re expected to give them a humanitarian ceasefire so that THEY can tend to THEIR wounded and THEIR dead – but not ours!

  2. #4- Even tanks can only withstand an antitank missile hit on limited parts of their armor and there are antitank missiles that even tanks cannot withstand. The IDF has an active defense system (the ‘windbreaker’) that is effective against all known antitank missiles but even it cannot stop a missile fired from point blank range. And the more weight and systems you add to an APC, the more tank-like it becomes, it grows in size as a target and loses maneuverability. The IDF does have heavy, tank based APCs for certain conditions but for many conditions small, light, maneuverable APCs are required.