We are Not Immune! Everyone Needs to Be in the LionCage



By now, just about everyone has heard the terms “identity theft” and “data security”.  Unfortunately, many people still think that these are issues that are only of concern to big corporations, law firms, banks, hospitals and other medical facilities, and the like.

While large businesses certainly must be (and are) very concerned about this issue, even the smallest one person business, and private individuals must be concerned as well.

Data Security

Many folks mistakenly think that the term “data” only refers to computers and the “high-tech” world.  Data is simply another word for ‘information’, and everyone has personal, confidential information.  What might be included in the category of personal confidential data (or information)?  Among other things would be your name, address, and phone number.  Also, your social security number, your bank account, checking account, and credit card numbers.  Your health and life insurance account numbers, and of course the multitude of passwords we all have, to access our various accounts.

Sadly, there are thousands of rasha’im out there who literally make a career out of stealing this confidential data from private individuals and businesses.  There are even what is known as “dumpster divers” who will actually go through your trash to find discarded papers that contain the information mentioned above and, even if you tore it up a bit, will piece it together to combine a name with an address with an account number, etc.  They will then use this stolen information to gain access to your accounts and to even steal you identity!   By stealing your identity, i.e. your name, address, social security number, etc. they can apply for credit cards and/or loans in your name, and destroy your credit, thus destroying your ability to get a loan or mortgage.

If you work in a health care related facility, data theft may also result in HIPAA violations and prescription fraud.


Enter LionCage

LionCage Data Security Solutions is the country’s premier one-stop company for all phases of data security.  We are New York City BIC certified, and are NAID triple A (AAA) rated for the level of the security management we provide.

Our customers range from large corporations to private individuals, and we provide a range of services from which you can choose the ones that suit your needs.  You no longer need to use the services of one company for one service and another company for another service, OR maybe you just don’t bother getting all the services you really need because it’s just too much of a hassle dealing with multiple companies.  So just what services would an individual and/or a company need to protect itself from confidential data related issues?

LionCage Shredding – If you have a home or office paper shredding machine, you know that most machines can only candle a few sheets at a time or they will jam, overheat and shut down. Depending on your personal needs, we can provide you with large locking bins or stylish consoles (to fit in with office décor) in which you can simply insert the papers that require shredding.  Then, on a schedule that you determine, (weekly, monthly, or whatever is good for you) we will come to your location with our shredding truck and shred your documents right there at your site!  You need not have any concerns about the confidentiality of what you give us to shred because with our in truck video camera, you can actually watch on a monitor and see your documents being shredded to a confetti like consistency.   Perhaps you are a private individual who does not need shredding on a regular basis, but has accumulated many boxes or bags of papers that you would like to have securely shredded.  LionCage Shredding stands ready to accommodate your needs as well.

In the high tech world we live in, with the constant improvements coming along in the cyber sphere, businesses and individuals generally replace their computers every two to three years.  Therefore, another service provided by LionCage is Hard Drive Destruction.

We can degauss your old hard drive/s (a process that totally eliminates the data on the drive) and/or physically destroy your drives by puncturing them (and NO, smacking them with a sledge hammer or running them over with your car, will NOT destroy the data on them, and a data thief could still be able to recover the data on a drive “destroyed” in those ways).  If you are disposing of not just your old hard drive, but the entire old computer, we can arrange to take that away for you as well.

Be aware that both in the case of paper shredding and hard drive and computer destruction, all the paper, metals, plastics, etc., are recycled and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. (www.LionCageShredding.com)

LionCage Backup – There are many ways in which the information stored on computer/s can be and frequently is lost.  Regardless of whether the information consists of highly confidential health records, personal financial data, or irreplaceable family photos, a hard drive crash, a break-in and computer theft, or a fire or a flood that destroys your computer hardware could destroy your business, your customers’ trust, and, on a personal level, break your heart.  With LionCage BackUp, your computers will be constantly backed up in offsite locations, so that even if any of the worst scenarios mentioned above do occur, all your data is safe and secure and can be quickly and easily restored.  You can sleep well when you know you have LionCage BackUp.(www.LionCageBackup.com)

LionCage Defender – We hear a lot in the news about “hackers”.  Hackers are computer savvy thieves that break into your computer system and steal and/or alter the information in it.  Just like a thief who wants to break into your home will go around it looking for that unlocked door or unlocked window that will enable them to enter, hackers search your computer system for a vulnerability, an opening, that they can exploit to break into your system for their criminal purposes.  LionCage Defender, with our proprietary software, examines your system the way a hacker would, searching for any vulnerabilities that would allow entry to a hacker.  When we find a vulnerability, we inform you about it, and we tell you how to remove that vulnerability to safeguard your data. (www.LionCageDefender.com)


LionCage is backed by IT Professionals and serial entrepreneurs who go the extra mile to ensure your data is secure. You can learn more about our team by visiting http://lioncage.com/about-us/

If you have questions about data security or about the services of LionCage Data Security Solutions, please give us a call at 718-575-LION (5466).  Mention the codeword “YeshivaWorld” for a 10% discount on your first service.

LionCage is your only answer for data security!