Video of Interest: Mir Yeshiva Bachurim Make Tzitzis for IDF Soldiers in Gaza During Bein HaSedarim



  1. It will be a bigger z’chus for those in harms way if the bachurim would be learning or saying t’hillim or picking up a gun bein ha’sedarim. The tzitzis can be produced by the entities that currently do it.

  2. No 1 has it right….If they were serious about doing something useful, they could volunteer to fill in on the civilian jobs of those reservists called for active duty or take some active role in serving meals, cleaning up or contributing in some way. Making a pair of tzitzis which most frum bochuim have many pairs of or can be purchased for a few NIS is a bit of a joke when there are so many other critical needs. Does this make them somehow feel that this is an alternative to military service?? If so, they are really delusional.

  3. It is sof zman so it might be very hard to continue learning during bein hasdarim, so still amazing way to contribute while relieving pressure on the mind.

  4. ari-free: see this AM YWN post:

    “HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita calls on the tzibur to be mispallel for IDF soldiers during Operation Protective Edge as well as increasing limud Torah as the IDF counter-terrorism operation in Gaza continues.”

    I hardly think that HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita would advocate making tzitzis over learning or saying t’hillim.

    Sometimes the yetzer hara will deceive you to thinking that certain actions are mitzvos, abee nisht tzu lehrnen; as long as you don’t learn or do the right thing.

  5. Cherrybim
    Bein hasedorim is there for the bachurim to relax a bit and get a breather so they can go back to learning with a freshness. The schedule in the Mir is a very long day from morning to late at night. A break is necessary. The fact that they chose to use this time to make Tzitzis shows that their hearts are in the right place. The fact that you chose to criticize their good deeds shows that yours is not. I won’t ask you how you spent your time as a bachur or how you spend it now but I’m certain you’re in no position to crucial these bachurim.

  6. WIY: The Israeli soldiers would like to have a bein hasedorim and relax a bit too; but they can’t. Don’t insist that you do your equal share for protecting Eretz Yisrael by learning, and then play making tzitzis.
    There is never a time to relax when your nation is attacked and Yidden murdered. There can be no breaks from Torah ever, and certainly not when your profession is learning and certainly not when Jewish hearts are bleeding.
    And I can assure you that I can give this musser without being hypocritical.

  7. To WIY: Right on the mark.

    To Cherrybim:

    “And I can assure you that I can give this musser without being hypocritical”
    Really? LOL!!!

    Why don’t you bring your HATE of Chareidim to that other site? You’d be part of Family there. And by the way, you Tzaddik yesod olam, why would someone so chashuv as you be wasting precious time on the internet? You are a classic PHONEY!

  8. Cheerybim: If you feel that you can give this mussar without being hypocritical, I assume you don’t really have time to visit this site in the first place.
    Gadol Hatorah: These guys are using their free time to do a favor for their brothers. I’m sure they can get these Tzitzis elsewhere for a couple of shekels. That’s not the point. When the soldiers see that these Tzitzis were made for them by bochurim, they see for themselves that there are others rooting for them and fighting with them on the spiritual front, in the Beis Medrash. To and IDF soldier, I’m sure that there’s no greater chizuk than that.