IDF Soldier: Terrorists Ran Toward Us with Babies in Hand


Hamas_Baby_ArmorAs the world turns their back on Hamas’s use of Human shields, it is astonishing how criticism is even possible to be leveled at Israel. Accounts from IDF soldiers tell YWN  of Palestinians throwing their children deliberately in harms way to rack up the casualty count. The Antisemitic media feed into the Palestinian narrative and completely leave out the fact that the parents are the ones to blame for their children’s fate.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was not exaggerating when he said “this is the most grotesque war I have ever seen”. He was referring to Hamas’s use of human shields. Testimonies from wounded IDF soldiers in hospitals relay detailed accounts of young children in Sheijaya, Gaza, being sent out into the streets with guns to try to attack IDF troops.

Another soldier described a scene where a  terrorists had run at IDF soldiers with a gun in one hand and a baby in the other, apparently in hopes that the soldiers would see the child and hold their fire. If soldiers fired, he added  the child’s death could be used as propaganda against Israel.

“They’re continuing the same trick of using children as human shields, just as they did in Operation Cast Lead,” Women are used as human shields as well, he added.

Hamas has openly boasted about the “success” of its strategy of using civilians as human shields during Operation Protective Edge.

(Noach B. Rosen – YWN)





  1. But Israel, ban-the-Monkey, whose eyes are glued shut, doesn’t see these atrocities, just bombs coming from IAF and bullets from IDF.

  2. Nebach this is what our soldiers are facing! They are in an impossible situation that will continue to haunt them even when IY”H they are home safe and sound.

  3. Obama is such a hypocrite. The Americans led the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Afghanistan is is estimated that as at February 2014, more than 21,000 Afghans were killed in the conflict. In Iraq there are more than 133,000 individually recorded civilian deaths since the 2003 invasion of Iraq due to direct war related violence. The US led the coalitions in both countries. Obama, what is so rich about Palestinian Arabs blood that you are so bothered about a few hundred? Oh and was it the case that the US coalition countries were directly threatened by terrorists digging under their borders as Israel is?

  4. in the Media War, Israel has been defeated BIG TIME.
    Israeli Media is doing a HORRIBLE job, with showing the world the TRUTH of these ARAB PIGS!!

    There should be pictures and videos SWARMING the internet (just like the pro-Palestinian sites have their FAKE pictures swarming the internet!)

  5. Yitzchoky, the only way the world will believe this is if some genius hackers get the footage onto ALL the news outlets. The liberal websites will be scrambling and panicking to remove it but hopefully not before the world sees who the TRUE barbarous baby-killers are.

  6. Please people you are posting these comments on the internet for the world to see. Goyim read articles on yeshiva world news because these articles appear on Google news feeds. Please be careful not to write comments that can cause achillul hashem on the board.
    Please moderators recognize that suggestions to carpet bomb all of Gaza and celebrate the death of Arab children is n not appropriate for posting.

  7. Who are you kidding it is not about whether israel does a good job or not they say what they want to say they see what they want to see they believe what they want

  8. Be Happy: Initially I had the same thoughts as you. However we know- Hashem judged Yishmoel who was dying in the desert, “B’asher hu sham”. He was judged on his deeds at that specific time, and he was not a rasha at that time, so Hashem let him live. I think this is same concept here.

  9. If a Palestinian terrorist is holding a Palestinian baby as a shield, the Israeli wont shoot but if that same Israeli was holding that same Palestinian baby as a shield the terrorist would shoot it. Not only that in the media it would be counted amongst the Palestinian deaths caused by Israel. Israel isnt at war with Hamas – they are war with the world. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  10. 10.

    Why isn’t is appropriate? Its the ONLY thing that will stop these killers in their tracks. THIS IS A WAR! You think we are getting points for not bombing places where they know they have missiles etc? What do those points get us, a few hundred l’vayahs (funerals) for our kids.

    That doesnt work with me!