Attempted Kidnapping of Talmidei Yeshiva in Yerushalayim


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mishIn the incident which took place in the Ramot neighborhood of Yerushalayim, two talmidei yeshiva report Arabs in a van tried pulling them into the vehicle by force but B”H they managed to fight them off. A police patrol responded and took their statements. They initially did not treat the matter with the urgency it demanded, but after hearing sufficient testimony, at some point, they believed the talmidim were telling the truth.

Officials began checking area surveillance cameras for a clue to the identity of the vehicle. The video footage confirmed the story of the talmidim leading police to order a chopper into the air and send backup forces to the area.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. what is missing is more than is being written. How old were the boys, when did it happen, what is being done to the police who did not respond,

    Really YWN, isn’t it time to do some responsible reporting?

  2. There were actually 3 attempts on Tues. night. The first attempt was at the gas station by the mall – they attacked a yeshiva bachur around 16. He got away BH. the second attempt was on the corner of Aharon Eshkoli St. and Tzundak St. and they attacked a group of 5 or 6 16 year olds who also managed to get away. The 3rd attempt was further down on Tzundak St. where they attacked a 15 year old who was sitting at the bus stop and he managed to get away. There was a very large police presence last night in Ramot as a result w/ roadblocks and helicopters but they didn’t find them…