UN Chief Condemns Attack On UN School In Gaza – IDF Says Hamas Rocket May Have Hit The UNRWA School


bkmSecretary-General Ban Ki-moon is condemning a deadly attack on a UN school for Palestinian refugees in northern Gaza that killed many Palestinians who sought refuge there from Israeli shelling as well as UN staff.

The UN chief again demanded that Israel and Hamas abide by international humanitarian law during their conflict and respect “the sanctity of civilian life, the inviolability of UN premises” and protect humanitarian workers.

He said in a statement in Erbil, Iraq, which was released at UN headquarters, that the “circumstances are still unclear.”

Ban said UN staff are attempting to arrange “a humanitarian pause in the hostilities could be evacuated.”

“Today’s attack underscores the imperative for the killing to stop – and to stop now,” Ban said.

The Israeli military said Thursday it was reviewing the deadly attack on a UN school in northern Gaza, saying that rockets launched by Hamas had landed in the Beit Hanoun area during fighting, and that those rockets may be responsible for the deaths.

At least 15 people were killed in the strike, Palestinian officials said.



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  3. any UN ‘schools” in Gaza are legitimate targets. Even if any “innocent civilians” are hurt, the blame lays squarely with the enemy.

  4. Vadim, because iron dome is outside of Gaza protecting cities in Israel. This school is in Gaza and a rocket coming from Gaza might only have few seconds before impact.

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  6. Mr. Ban Ki Moon – You should be aware that Hamas doesn’t think there in “the sanctity of civilian life”.. If they did there would be no war.

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