Hamas: Rockets Resumes Friday Morning


kasThere is nothing to be said other than Yishmael is who he is. Hamas officials have announced that if an agreement has not been signed by Friday morning 12 Menachem Av at 08:00, when the 72-hour ceasefire expires, it will resume rocket fire.

Hamas is sending a clear message to all those who believe one can reach agreement with terrorists who remain determined to the goal of wiping Israel off the Mideast map. For Hamas, Kerry, Ban Ki-Moon, Barak Obama and many other senior international officials are irrelevant to its goal. The terrorist leaders remain defiant as they seek to rekindle the fires of warfare in Gaza.

While delegations shuttle back and forth to Cairo, Egypt has already announced it will not discuss the matter of opening the Rafiach Crossing between Gaza and Egypt in the trilateral forum of Egypt, Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority) for the issue only concerns Egypt and the PA, not Israel.

Senior Hamas officials including Ismail Radwan have announced that its demands for removing the IDF naval blockade of Gaza and opening all crossing remain and if a deal meeting the demands are not met by erev Shabbos, the attacks into Israel will resume. Hamas also demands a total cessation of any and all IDF operations in Gaza, including targeted surgical strikes. Last but not least, Hamas demands the release of the terrorists who were released in the Shalit deal who have since been re-arrested.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. If Egypt is also not giving into their demands why are they not sending rockets to Egypt? answer: because if egypt retaliates it would make Israel look like school boys they would bomb them to oblivion

  2. Israel should accept these demands once Hamas and the other terror groups disarm, Gaza demilitarizes, and Hamas and the other Palestinian groups accept Israel as a Jewish state.

  3. even if we will give them the whole state of Israel they will kill us all i don’t know why the west doesn’t get it Hamas is a terrorist organization and we just have to get rid of them. just like the united states killed Osama bin Laden, they did not negotiate with him they just killed him on the spot

  4. With so many sleepless nights with Tehillim and worrying about our children, it is sure refreshing to get a good laugh from the comment like the maven from Chicago above.
    Also, Ron Prozor had a witty sarcasm in his speech to the UN,yesterday, which surely had to bring a laugh.
    This ability to laugh, even when times are rough, is truly one of the best gifts we have.

  5. Arabs only understand power. Why should they not continue raining rockets onto Israel if they see Israel as weak, pathetic and very worried about world reaction? The terrorists know they have the upper hand and can demand whatever they want from Israel’s spineless leaders who don’t have the guts to follow Egypt and secure their borders, but rather heed Obama’s dangerous suicidal commands like idiots.

  6. I don’t mean to get all preachy here, but there is a definite message for everyone. As a people we grew immensely in the past month. The whole Jewish nation came together. Everyone was showing care, concern, Ahavas Chinam for all other Jews. What it took was the tragic events of the past month. If we really want to end this, we mush show Hashem that we don’t need these extra pushes to keep us on the level we have reached. If we were to accomplish these things without the necessary prodding, then this would end.
    I think that is the most important message we can glean from this. We must keep up what we have been doing and then this can end once and for all with the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdash.

  7. How will the media spin this? There are just bunch of terrorists with a gun/rockets pointing at Israel and they arent looking to negotiate they only want everything to be their way. There are holding people of Israel as hostages and blackmailing the Israeli Government.

  8. Given that Hamas tends to be better at bombast than bombing, I wouldn’t be so sure. While in the long run there is no prospect of peace (the Israelis will never agree to be part of an Arab/Muslim state, and the Muslims will never agree to have a non-Muslim state in the region), in the short run the Palestinians as well as other Arabs are annoyed with Hamas (to be dan le-kay hovah, the other Arabs are annoyed with Hamas getting into a war that they can’t win and need others to rescue them).

  9. If Israel doesn’t bomb them into oblivion, this is just going to continue ad infinitum. They have got to stop being so afraid of the world (and their own shadows) and just do what has to be done!

  10. They sure have a long list of demands that they know can’t be met. All Israel wants is an end to the rockets and terrorist infiltration. What does the UN have to say about this latest development?

  11. eric55
    Actually, for we know,they might be sending rockets to Sinai. The only thing to hit there are al quaida terrorists. They can’t reach anything worth hitting in that direction with the firepower they have.

  12. To comment #1: I had the same thought.
    It’s kind of as if Mexico will bomb South America if USA doesn’t open it’s borders to them

  13. Perhaps it’s time Israel starts to fight back proportionately. You shoot you toys indiscriminately, we do so too.

    It would be over in a matter o

  14. after first rocket , the Israelis goal should be nothing less , than total eradication of these parasites and their infrastructure and weaponry……