Lt. Eitan: I Did What Has to Be Done – I Don’t Want a Medal


2Pulsar Givati Lt. Eitan is scheduled to receive a battle citation for his bravery, going into a Hamas tunnel leading to Rafiach in pursuit of terrorists that captured 2nd-Lt. Hadar Goldin HY”D.

Eitan shuns the stardom, explaining he did what is expected of him, nothing more. He has already met with the parents of the soldier, explaining to them the events that occurred in Gaza on that fateful erev Shabbos.

Speaking to Yediot Achronot, Lt. Eitan explains “yes, I knew it was dangerous but I decided I must act”. He adds “I am not a hero and I don’t want a citation. Anyone else would have done the same thing. This was not an act of bravery but the essence of being a soldier.

For the 23-year-old soldier, he remains pained at the loss sustained in that battle, his colleague Hadar HY”D as well as commanders Major Benaya Sarel HY”D and First-Sgt. Liel Gidoni HY”D. A number of others in the elite combat unit were wounded in the battle that followed a Hamas suicide bomber detonating himself in front of them.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. A hero? On him the verse “shomer pesaim Hashem” can be attributed. What did he gain by going into the lion’s den if he didn’t even bring out Goldin’s body?

  2. What kind of ridiculous reply is that? It’s called hishtadlus. Hashem rewards hishtadlus. He might even reward you if you try to use hishtadlus next time you want to say something ridiculous and try not to.

  3. Arye, you are a bonehead and a coward.
    A Jew must invest hishtadlus to realize a desired result, while simultaneously praying to Hashem to be blessed with success. Such effort is praiseworthy, even if it ultimately becomes clear in hindsight that the ratzon Hashem was for the effort to be unsuccessful. In this incident last Friday morning, a suicide bomber wearing an IDF uniform detonated himself in a confined space, killing two soldiers and wounding several others. The dust and smoke in the room were choking and blinding. Every ones ears were ringing, and at any moment, heavily armed suicidal terrorists in IDF uniforms could be expected to pop out of no where to kill the survivors. cont-

  4. I am shocked that someone can make a statement like arye’s. He is unquestionably a piece of trash that I wouldn’t waste my time stepping on. I hope arye burns for his comment.

  5. cont- Into this hell ran Lt Eitan. Struggling to make sense of what had just happened, he surveyed the dead and wounded and conducted a PAR(personnel accountability report). To his horror, one man was missing in the chaos. His men found a hole in the ground, and it dawned what had just occurred. Now, he had to make a decision. He could stay where he was, doing lifesaving things that had to be done, with the back up of his uninjured fellow soldiers, while hamas crawled off under them with the next Gilad Shalit, to be exchanged in five years for one thousand mass murderers. Or, he could do everything he could, to prevent that. This meant losing radio contact with his men, being on his own, without help, very possibly being killed himself, and his own body never being seen again. All that just to prevent hamas from scoring a painful victory against us that they would rub in our faces. This decision was already made as soon as he realized a man was missing. He shouted orders to his men and jumped into the hole. In extremely limited visibility, with his only thought on rescuing a fellow Jew and saving the Jewish people from a chillul Hashem, he plowed on in pursuit for hundreds of meters until he hit a dead end. He had missed a fork. He decided to retreat, he felt the bad guys were out of reach, and there was now a real risk of getting lost and disoriented by the fork.Along the way he had come across some of Hadars gear. That gear was found to have sufficient blood and tissue to determine beyond a doubt that Hadar had died from his wounds. This find brought unimaginable solace to Hadars family and Kallah. True, they don’t have his whole body. But thanks to the selfless actions of Lt Eitan, They have some closure, and they have a grave. And as for Klal Yisrael, we have a living example of how, according to the Torah(shoftim 20:1,3 and 8), and the Rambam(hilchos melachim 8:15) a Jewish soldier is expected to behave during war. I, my family, and Jews every where owe our very lives to this man, his friends, and his brothers who were willing, without thinking once, to give up their lives for us and kavod Shem Shomayim.
    So Arye-before embarrassing yourself and belittling the gadlus of a true eternal Jewish Hero who has displayed more mesiras nefesh for Klal Yisrael then you could in several lifetimes, and perverting the Torah by insulting him with pesukim that were in fact referring to armchair analysts such as yourself, perhaps you should think how you would have reacted if it had been your son dragged off into that hole. Until then, do the Jewish people a favor and keep your opinions to your self.

  6. 1. all you do is criticize!!! he brought dna evidence that he in fact was taken dead not alive…Also , he didn’t go himself. others went with him….

  7. Whatever ones’ opinion of Arye’s hasty comment

    the responses seem to prove once again that freedom of expression is an unvalued commodity here

  8. As you can tell by my name I’m anti-stupidity and what the incompetent individual said regarding him not bringing out goldins body is horrific I sure hope you suffer the same ending as all these terrorist do when they blow themselves up they expect to see the light but all they see is darkness your a serious case stupidity.(see what I did there) 😉

  9. I would sacrifice a lot to protect Arye’s freedom of expression. He also has the freedom to slander, speak rechilus, and ona’as devarim if he chooses. This is a G-d given right known as bechira chofshis. However, this right is overruled by his obligation to choose between right and wrong,by expressing himself in a manner that brings honor to himself and the Jewish people. There are MANY inconsistencies between Arye’s “hasty comment” and the way a Torah Jew should think, and even more so when he decides to think aloud in a worldwide public forum. It is precisely why people must think hard prior to commenting irresponsibly. In addition, the gross misapplication of a pasuk deserves immediate condemnation, for the Torah’s honor. And the context of it all-We in Eretz Yisrael are at war against a brutal enemy who wants us all dead in a mass grave! The entire world is against us, save for wild Bill, some Republicans, Texas and the prime minister of Canada. The last thing we need is zilzul in place of hakaros haTov for our sons, brothers and fathers who are risking everything for us to live as Jews in Eretz Yisrael. That consideration certainly outweighs Arye’s freedom of expression. How do you think a soldier returning from Gaza would feel if he read Arye’s hasty comment?May Hashem bless his people with common sense to make decisions that bring us closer together, and closer to Him.

  10. Seriously that the most ridiculous comment iv ever seen by a jew. Listen I hope your not jewish. Because it’s a massive chillul hashem what you did.