MK Tibi Makes a Direct Appeal to US President Obama


tibiMK (Ra’am-Ta’al) Dr. Ahmed Tibi on Wednesday 10 Menachem Av sent a letter to US President Barak Obama. The letter contains the names of 1,840 Gazans that he reports were killed in IDF strikes in Gaza.

Tibi adds “All the Palestinian children killed in Gaza had hopes and dreams, just like your daughters Malia and Sasha. I ask you; aren’t the children of Gaza entitled to freedom and a life? Are they entitled to your empathy Mr. Obama? I am writing to express my disappointment regarding the White House’s and your handling to the Israeli offensive in Gaza”.

According to Tibi, 80% of the dead were civilians. The IDF spokesman places that figure at about one half.

Tibi stresses how the IDF targeted schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, mosques, ambulances, UN buildings and the Gaza electric plant.

Tibi concludes by pointing out the Gaza children were killed by bombs manufactured by the US and that this should weigh heavy on the US president’s conscience.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I think it is high time the Knesset stops accepting votes from the Arab section if all they can come up with are reshoim like Tibi, and that woman (forgot her name.

  2. let tibi go back to s;eep!!!!should Israel let hamas attack and get away with it because they use human shields??? complain to Hamas to fight warfare not among civilians!!! they are ones that should be charged with double war crimes for targeting innocent Israeli civilians and their own by using them as human shields and not letting them leave the line of fire and co-ercing them to stay and thereby lose their life……

  3. It is a total outrage that this being is in the Knesset.
    Ship him to Gaza with his brethren… let’s see how he likes it there. Good riddens.

    A shanda!

  4. I wonder why the IDF targeted schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, mosques, ambulances, UN buildings, and the Gaza electric plant.

    Maybe because Hamas was launching rockets from schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, and was storing rockets in mosques, UN buildings, and shuttling terrorists around in ambulances, and because Hamas blew up their own power plant by bombing it with a rocket?

  5. I’m sure obama (lower case letter used on purpose) will respond. Meanwhile the Marine Andrew Tahmooressi held in Mexico,one of the soldiers that America “never leaves behind” (the words of that guy with the lower case letter) even if it means trading 5 terrorists for, hasn’t heard a word from him yet. Not in the form of a phone call or letter.

    Everyone together now, All Hell to the Chief!!

  6. DikDukDuck – not “maybe”, the IDF is smarter than that. It was because the Ham Ass people were actually launching rockets from all those places.

  7. The problem is – Israel cares more about Public Opinion than Judism & Jewish lives. Arabs shouldn’t have voting rights. They shouldn’t be allowed on Har Habyis. I could go on and on, but e\o here knows the truth!