HAMAS VIOLATES CEASEFIRE: Rockets From Gaza Land In Israel [UPDATED 8:11AM IL]



8:11AM IL: Red alerts now in Ashkelon Coast.

8:07AM IL: Red alerts no in Eshkol Regional Council, Sdot Negev, Sufa, and Nir Yitzchak

8:06AM IL: The Iron Dome has intercepted a rocket over Ashkelon.

8:05AM IL: Red alerts now in Ashkelon Coast.

8:00AM IL: Red alerts are ringing now in Ashkelon.

5:00AM IL: Red alert sirens were ringing in Southern Israel, early Friday morning, as rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. At least two rockets landed in the Eshkol Regional Council just after 4:30AM Israel time.

Shortly after, the IDF confirmed the incident.

There were no reports of damage or injuries, and as of this posting, the IDF has not retaliated.

Israel has offered to extend the original 72-hour truce beyond Friday morning, but Hamas has not agreed, and had been threatening to resume rocket fire.

The IDF had warned that it would respond militarily if the rockets would resume.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. foolish Israeli government just finish the job what was the point of the cease fire there are still plenty of tunnels out there and they still have plenty of weapons

  2. They should have jets hovering on scene: as soon as there is a rocket shot, they should give spontaneous response to the sight of its launching. civilian zone or no.

  3. Why is it Israel’s responsibility to deal with savages who use civilians as shields. The UN should send troops to deal monsters who break cease-fires and shoot rockets to kill civilians.

  4. There were no reports of damage or injuries, and as of this posting, “the IDF has not retaliated.”

    Well of course not. Bibi didn’t get permission yet from the editorial board of the NY Times.

    When Israel is ready to “retaliate”, they should use Tibi as a human shield.

  5. Hamas is frustrated and confused. They’ve lost their grip over Gaza. The hunger has intensified too. The people of Gaza are disenchanted with Hamas. The UNHWA and the Hamas leadership have not gotten any funds to appropriate to themselves. Chris Gunness is saying they need much, so as to get their usual corrupt largese. Since the hope for such usual funds is dim they are resorting to shooting rockets. They are dead woods. Hungry beasts.

  6. You’re all wrong!
    They’re asking Bumber Kaashiss from the their UN sponsored Yeshivos!

    Targeted eliminations is the only thing that stands a chance!!

    As for the ceasefire that they agreed to, it was just so that the leadership can come out of their hiding places to do laundry!
    Zoll der Shomer Yisroel Unz Alleh Heetin!

  7. The IAF Should take 80 planes and just shoot down all over Gaza with out stoping …………………..that’s it it’s time to finish off those Arabs