Hamas TV: Dress up like Jews to Execute Suicide Bombings


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CaptureDuring the Gaza war, Hamas repeatedly broadcast a video promoting suicide attacks on Israeli civilians. The Hamas video shows a terrorist putting on a suicide belt and dressing up as a stereotypical, bearded Orthodox Jewish civilian, who is then sent to commit a suicide bombing.

The video demonizes Israel as an enemy targeting women and children and concludes that suicide terror will go on:

This is in addition to Fatah’s explicit calls to launch missiles towards Israel, as reported by Palestinian Media Watch.




  1. Very funny. Plenty of time to test ID that way…”Say Shema.” “OK, shema…BOOOM!”
    Here’s what’s really funny: If this happens, I envision the very ironic near future of the “ultra orthodox Jew.” In order to be correctly identified as a true Jew and not a terrorist, guess what? The men will have to STOP WEARING BLACK JACKETS!!! ESPECIALLY LONG ONES!!! What a hoot.

  2. Mrs d,

    sorry, the misnagdim couldn’t do it and neither will a bunch of Arabs, how that any differeby than metal detectors in shefa shuk, that’s a great way to stop terrorists before they go through they’ll blow themselves up