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Crown Heigths: 9-Year-Old Attacked, Man Maced in Two Separate Incidents

nypd4A Jewish boy was attacked on President Street by a group of 4 black teenagers, the assault bore striking similarities to last night’s incident. A Jewish man was assaulted on Nostrand Avenue by 4 or 5 black men, one of them sprayed the victim with mace.

A 9-year-old Jewish boy was attacked while on his way home. The incident occurred at around 4:00pm on President Street just off Albany Avenue.

Shomrim received a call from the mother of the boy alerting them to the incident. A number of volunteers were immediately dispatched to the scene and attempted to locate the assailants.

The victim described the group as young teenagers, three of them boys and a girl. The group attacked the boy, who managed to get away and run home.

Shomrim immediately notified the Police, who responded and took the victim down to the station. Terrified, the boy could not remember many details, though what he did remember bore striking similarities to the attack Wednesday night on Union Street.

(Source: CHI)

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