Woman Claims She Found Swastika On Her McDonald’s Sandwich Bun


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hcrWhen Charleigh Matice opened her McDonald’s sandwich after a recent trip to the drive-through, she was surprised to find something on her bun. The North Carolina resident claims just as she was about to add some mayonnaise to her sandwich, she noticed a swastika drizzled in butter on the top bun, reported WCTI12 news.

When she told the restaurant employees about the bun, they offered to replace the sandwich. She refused, then received a full refund.

“Does somebody really think they’re funny?” Matice told WCTI12. “Many people died because of that symbol and it’s not something that should be taken lightly. It’s not something that should be thrown around.”

According to ABC11.com, the employee involved in the incident was fired.

“We do not tolerate that kind of behavior at McDonald’s, and it’s not what we stand for personally as owners,” said the McDonald’s location owner Dulcy Purcell in a statement to WCTI12. “It is about providing the best level of service and care to our customers, and anything less than that is unacceptable to us.”

(Source: LA Times)


  1. It’s a product of her overactive imagination like the people who see images on toast or in a tree stump. Not from our religion of course.

  2. Basmelech: A) If she’s Jewish, she’s not frum.
    B) The swastika is offensive not only to Jews. It symbolizes the murder of some 11 million people. 5 million of them were not Jewish. The remaining 6 million were. So any person who feels the murder of 11 million is horrifying, will be horrified by that disgusting symbol of hate.

  3. #7- I was just going to say the same thing.
    #6 – So true – the swastika is offensive to other ppl also.
    #5- If they fired the employee, it seems to me that it was obviously not an overactive imagination on the part of the customer.