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Was Lakewood Talmid Aaron Sofer Abducted?

sThe search for missing Lakewood Yeshiva talmid 23-year-old Aaron Sofer continues in Yerushalayim, now in its fifth day. Aaron disappeared during an erev Shabbos afternoon hike in the Jerusalem Forest. The search on Wednesday 2 Rosh Chodesh Elul has been focusing on the Technological Park area near Ein Kerem near the agricultural school and the Pi Glilot area in Givat Shaul.

Zaka Operations Chief Chaim Weingarten told Kikar Shabbos that Zaka has been searching for Aaron since Friday, making today day six. He explains that while many view Aaron as being far from a professional hiker, they are expanding the search for they do not wish to leave any stone unturned on the small chance he covered more distance than believed. He explains that one possibility is that Aaron was the victim of a hit and run in the forest for there is a road running through it. He explains there are many paths and wells, demanding a painstaking search of a large area.

Weingarten adds that Israel Police and the ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) are seeking to determine if Aaron was abducted. He was not carrying a cell phone and at present, there are no leads being reported. “If he was abducted we would expect to find eyeglasses or an article of clothing but this is not the case” adds Weingarten. Police officials state that at present, there is no evidence pointing to a terrorist abduction.

Anyone with information is asked to phone 100 or 02-539-1520. The family has posted a 100,000 NIS reward for information leading to Aaron’s whereabouts.

The tzibur is asked to continue davening for the safe return of Aaron ben Chulda.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Can one not be abducted with glasses and even a black hat on? Leave it up to the Arabs. They know how to do it. Not only should they not stone unturned but should not leave any Arab homes and yards unturned. Let’s hope he’s not in Hamas’ hands.

  2. Regarding the above post, I’m not sure that it was the latest news, perhaps it was a false start….Sorry
    Let’s just pray that he will soon be found, safe and sound.B’H.

  3. The absurdity of anyone in EY going hiking (or anywhere for that matter) without a communication device is something that can be dealt with later after this bochur is hopefully rescued from his abductors (if that is the case). The fact that so many rabbonim are fixated on the potential pritzus on the internet etc. and insistence on “kosher phones” reminds us that the priority should be on pikuach nefesh and having instant access to emergency assistance and information is more important than c’v some bochur might see an inappropriate picture.

  4. In these dangerous times, no one should go hiking or in some unoccupied area without a friend or associate and at a minimum with some communication device. A gps tracking device which doesn’t offer the user any connection to the internet could be used to locate the person without any concern of internet issues.

  5. #4 that was exactly my point. If they think having a phone leads to batlus, they can buy a kosher phone with 100 minutes a month so they have one in case of emergencies.

  6. To No. 6

    That is the same thought many of us have expressed, especially given the mixed messages the police and family have been giving out and the very slow initial response to his disappearance. Whatever the real story (that will eventually come out), for now, lets just hope he is found safe and healthy.

  7. Having a cell phone doesn’t insure anything! Look what happened to our three kedoshihm Hy”d. The phone call certainly didn’t help them in anyway, if anything it was lehefech. What if Aaron did have a phone and he was grabbed be surprise cv, a cell phone would have been of no use, or perhaps the battery died ….. I could go on and on. We all need to realize HKBH runs the world. Only with His help will Aaron have a safe return. Please keep davening for Aaron ben Chulda!

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