Dov Hikind Helps Man Recover Shtreimel, Tallis and T’fillin


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dov-cavutoLast week, Assemblyman Hikind’s office received a call from a constituent regarding a family member who had traveled from Montreal to Boro Park via bus and was in great distress. He said that when his bus made a scheduled stop in Suffern, NY, at Wal-Mart on Rt. 59, a passenger had gotten off and proceeded to unload his own luggage from beneath the bus… but in so doing so he also apparently removed a suitcase that belonged to our constituent’s relative, who wasn’t the wiser until his bus pulled into Boro Park at 5 am when he noted that his luggage was gone.

Wal-Mart was called and a manager confirmed that a suitcase was indeed left outside their store, but the manager reported that he’d thrown “the empty” luggage into a compactor. What was missing was a shtreimel, tallis, t’fillin as well as gifts and other personal articles. The manager said that the compactor could not be opened.

Assemblyman Hikind’s office wasted no time in contacting Rabbi Berish Freilich who, in turn, contacted the Ramapo Chief of Police. Permission was granted to open the compactor and while the gifts and other personal items were missing, the valuable shtreimel, tallis and t’fillin were recovered, B”H.

“I want to personally thank Rabbi Freilich for his quick assistance, as well as the Ramapo Police Department and the Chaverim, who were all instrumental in helping recover these valuable missing items,” said Assemblyman Hikind.

(Studio B – YWN)


  1. As this is a heimishe bus, why did the passenger who took the suitcase by mistake, abandon it at walmart? He should have tried to locate the owner. Or did he intentionally take the items inside, which I doubt. It smacks of geneiva even if he took the bag by mistake.

  2. A happy ending, but what kind of person who, when realizing he accidentally took someone else’s suitcase, just dumps it? So selfish & irresponsible.

  3. Of course it was gneiva.
    Ever notice how when items are “mistakenly” taken/exchanged from a Shul coatroom, they are always brand new items? No one ever “mistakenly” takes an old tzrizeneh rain coat. Its always the new one. No one ever “mistakenly” takes an old worn out hat. Its always the brand new one. Samething with a Tallis, rubbers, etc… Yes, unfortunately there are ganovim amongst us.