An Agunah is Set Free After 14 Years


lauLast week as long and most difficult parsha involving a woman who remained an agunah for 14 years came to an end. Her suffering came to a surprise end on Tuesday 7 Elul in the Supreme Jerusalem Beis Din. The decision of the recalcitrant husband to finally give a get was the result of a hearing headed by Chief Rabbi David Lau. It is reported Rav Lau Shlita persuaded the husband to release his wife from her suffering.

The woman left that hearing in tears as she had become accustomed to not expect anything to result from beis din hearings. However on Tuesday she learned Rabbi Lau’s efforts were not in vain. s

Attorney Batya Kahane Dror was more optimistic however, adding “Till last year we always felt that we were fighting the Rabbanut too however the amazing approach of Rav David Lau resulted in change and we have seen movement that did not take place in years. Agunos are being released as a result of the rav’s intervention.”

Attorney Kahane Dror credits Rav Lau for the changes seen in the Rabbanut today regarding agunos who are being released from bondage.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It’s about time someone did something there. The others are a bunch of batlanim. Its’ not for no reason she waited for 14 years. Unfortunately she is not the only one.