PM Netanyahu Insists he Didn’t Eat Treif


bibPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a clarification regarding reports he wined and dined with Sheldon Adelson in treif restaurants.

In a Channel 2 recorded interview that was taken before Yom Kippur, Mr. Netanyahu stated unequivocally “I never ate treif”. While not mentioning Mrs. Netanyahu by name, he hinted she is his mashgiach and makes certain he does not eat anything he shouldn’t.

The prime minister came under a hail of criticism as he reportedly ate with Adelson in treif restaurants. Government ministers acting in official capacity over the years have respected this and have refrained from partaking in non-kosher foods just as they refrained from official events being held on Shabbos or Yomtov. In this last case, the prime minister joined Adelson in a treif Italian restaurant in NYC as well as a popular lobster restaurant in the same city.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)