New Square: Fire Breaks Out In Sukkah As Man Tries ‘Burning Bee-Hive’


fire - sifrei torah burnedAt approximately 4:30PM Tuesday afternoon, Ramapo Police responded to a report of a fire at 29 Lincoln Ave in the Village of New Square. Upon arrival officers observed a New Square Emergency Service group extinguishing a fire on a deck that connects 27 and 29 Lincoln Avenue. Hillcrest FD arrived on scene as well. The fire had started in a Sukkah built on the deck and travelled to the homes. The fire was extinguished and no injuries were reported. The power to the home was turned off by O&R and the residents were advised not to return to the home until it was made safe.

Officers were advised by the homeowner that he attempted to burn a bee hive inside the Sukkah when the structure began to burn. Hillcrest FD contacted the Rockland County Sheriff BCI Unit to conduct an investigation. Ramapo Detectives responded to the scene as well. The fire is currently under investigation.

(YWN Monsey Newsroom)


  1. Fortunately, no one was hurt but seriously, what do these ehrliche SKver chasidim use for brains? Years ago we read each pesach about fires in illegal matzoh bakeries without proper safety precautions. I’m trying to visualize someone using a blowtorch inside a succah with all the flammable stuff to burn a bee hive. There are often any number of local amateur local bee keepers who would be glad to remove a hive at little or no charge, or an exterminator. Its hard to believe this story is for real but its clearly erev succos and not erev Purim.

  2. That’s my cousins home. I read this and was so scared. I called her. Everybody is BH OK. But the kitchen and dining room are pretty bad and the succah is gone.